Monday, May 24, 2010

The Latest Pet Reset

If you didn't notice over the weekend if you got booted off the test realm you probably couldn't get back on. Wizard101 is addressing this problem and the issue with the cannon game. They seem to be working on other items but there's no real info on what other changes are in the works.

Pets are going to be reset again. Your character will be loaded from the point they were on the 13th. Bye bye beloved adult wraith, I never got to know you or mix you with my defender pig. For all the hours I put in to grow you up I hope I have the energy to do it again some day.

p.s. be sure to read about the GGG! Great Gobbler pet Giveaway.
Ice Wizards Rule :)


Kevin BattleBlood said...

Well, hopefully all those pets that couldn't level anymore can start once again. Then it's back to full research speed!

axel1547 said...

lolz poor wraith XD