Monday, June 15, 2009

Facebook Fan Sign-Up Gives 1000 Gold

For those of you who have a facebook account and are willing to put your name in the list of fans of Wizard101 you can enjoy the gift of 1000 free gold. Of course you know by signing up you give up some additional privacy. However if you want a little extra piece of mind you can set your facebook profile to only allow friends of friends to see your friends list and information.

You'll get a facebook update note that gives you a one time code for free gold. Enter it in the codes page after logging into the web site. After you have entered the code just log into the game. The character you log in with will be able to claim the gold. :)

Have fun and maybe see you on line.



Anonymous said...

Very much late. Extremely late...

Anonymous said...

if you typ in SPELL you get a neklace