Friday, June 19, 2009

Test of Grizzleheim is Online

If don't already have the test realm client program you can download it by:
1) logging in to the main page using your wizard's username and password.
2) clicking on the red ribbon on the right hand side of the screen. (see below) or go to this link:

New Chat

The first thing you'll notice is the change in the chat window. With the new chat window you can say things that everyone can see who's in the same realm and world as you. The other chat window or tab allows you to chat with people near you without "shouting" to the entire level. Currently personal text messaging doesn't seem to be working. You can also create groups (it seems like you can only belong to one at a time) in which you are temporarily connected to a group of friends to whom you can chat and port even if they're not on your normal friend list. This seems to be a feature to assist in questing in an instanced level or possibly creating a guild.

Make Your Own Items To Sell

You can get a quest in Old Towne (Wizards in the Mist) which will give you a crafting station that allows you to make items. She'll send you on a quest to find "mist wood" which can be found mostly in Marleybone it seems for right now. With three sets of wood you can have lady by Zeke in Olde Towne make you a crafting station. Once you have a crafting station you have to buy a recipe from one of the vendors. The recipe will require certain ingredients. These you have to collect either by finding them on the street or by buying them or picking up boss drops. With the right items to fill the recipe you can make items to sell at the Grizzleheim bazaar.

Grizzleheim missing in the Spiral Door?

You will also quickly notice that the Grizzleheim world is not available in the spiral door. Go to OldeTowne and pick up a quest for the new world from the bear. This should prompt your system to start loading the new world. After you visit Grizzleheim briefly you can talk to Merle Ambrose and get the official quest that will give you the new world as an option when you visit the spiral door.

Here are some wallpaper quality shots of the new world :)

Many things work well in the new world. It seems deceptively easy at first but it gets harder toward the end.
Again, watch out for texts getting lost as this may cause some missunderstandings between you and your buddies.

Enjoy :)

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