Monday, June 1, 2009

Boss Drops List ( a start anyway )

Thanks to Lenora Lifeheart here's a starter list of free house items and house boss drops. Please add more by comment if you know of additional stuff.

Wizard Central

Tiny arched door - petshop beside robe closet
Ink and pen - in Anna's house beside crystal ball on firecat alley
Open book - in Harvest Lord tower on floor to your right when you enter
Brain jar - on Lord Nightshade's desk
Lynx picture - in myth school on wall


Tall ladder - Chamber of fire When walking up the slope look to your right you will see it
Fire glyph - barracks as soon as you walk in on the rightbowl of tomatoes - on ground beside vendor that sells heck-hound
Pumpkin - around Rami in hall of champions
Sledgehammer - on the ground around Farnsworth


Rope - behind column in spiral chamber of marley
Food cart - digmoore station when you go in look right
Hairdini picture - Scotland Yard Station behind elevator
Discarded newspaper - Scotland Roof at the bottom of the stairs on the ground


Stone obelisk - Spiral chamber behind the spiral door
Silk kimono - Jade palace when you walk in on the right
Small boulder - near tu luk ku in Kisibie village
Serpent tablet - When you walk in to fight the plague oni go to your right when you walk in do not have to fight wavebringer just unlock door and go in and get it
Samoorai bust - Hametsu village in fire around jo feng
Dragonspyre lava fountain - by Zeke
Dragonskull obelisk - Hat and robe shop Library Up on the top across from the dagger shop keeper
Cherry blossom tree - from Oak Heart


Battle standard
- from Secure House in Drake Hatchery
Pillory - Sandor in plaza of conquest
Fire teacher picture - from Kraysis
Cyrus Drake picture - Greystone


Anonymous said...

You missed something on Dragonspyre: In the Basilica when you walk up to the spiral chamber or to where Zeke is, I forget which one, you should find a Tiered Lava Fountain.

yipyipyip said...

no for some reason that ended up in ms. HOWEVER you did miss something in WC. allicane drops a firecat statue.

j said...

um i am looking for pets that boss drop plz post ALL boss pet drops
thx vanessa dragonshade see ya peoples in the game