Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Interview with Emily Jade number 12 in top 100 duelists

Emily Jade was kind enough to share her time and some tips with you about what makes a good duelist great. Suri represents us as noob arena-goers asking the questions that we all want to know.

Speaking of chain-stunners some good friends of mine got chained by these guys who were bragging of being reported over ten times in two days. While I gudgingly admit that there are no hard rules against this kind of behavior I'm coming to believe that stuns should take health from the player that casts it or should only work one time during a battle or simply be removed all together. Certainly with a multi-person chain stun the battle is lost before it has begun for the challengers. I believe the makers of Wizard101 need to address this problem very soon. Arena fans are becoming extremely frustrated by this unfair practice.

Patrick Thundershade
Chris Nightrider
Eric Soulbreaker

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Lenora Lifeheart said...

ugh worst fight I've ever been in