Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Virtual Play Ever Recorded?

I had the privilege to record what I believe to be the first play ever written and produced inside of a massively multiplayer game on an actual stage, with set and cast, not to mention a theatre to house it. Considering the technical challenge of communicating through filtered chat bubbles and maintaining the cooperation of actors and actresses and friends both on and off set, including rehersals and staging, the debut of this play is a truly ground-breaking achievement. I hope it's only the first of many.

The play was written and produced by Suri Stormshade. She plays the part of Sylvia Drake while Charles Goldriver plays both Malistaire and Cyrus Drake.

In a historical, possibly first ever... I give you the back story to how Malistaire became evil.

Act 1 Scene 1

Act 1 Scene 2


Professor Greyrose said...

Amazing! When we added the stage, we hoped that our very creative players would use it in this manner.
Thank you for sharing this with the community!
I can't wait for your next performance. Great work, all of you.
~Professor Greyrose

Adrian Stormbringer said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your play. You were really good!

Anonymous said...

that stinks how those people started messing around in the play.2 things:where do you get a house and where is the stage?

Anonymous said...

amazing not very one would have thout that's how it happened! LOL

Carrie Courter said...

Awesome. However, Malistaire and Cyrus are brothers. Sylvia married Malistaire, making her Cyrus' sister-in-law.

As for the house, it's the expensive house (castle) located in Wizard City.

Anonymous said...

Grace Dragonrider is my friend too. If anybody want to know who i am its Jeffrey Earthsword.

Anonymous said...

I don't really get what they're saying. And, I can't tell whether it's cyrus or malistaire.

Eliendel said...

Greatly put together and greatly perforenced but the very ending seems to lead to a fight outside the play.

Anonymous said...

Awesome play!But I agree with Eliendel there was a fight that was techneclly outside the play.

Anonymous said...

Today i just met the person that was chain stuned many times! I was so siked to see her she was life Grand master! I heard about her when siri was having an interview ojn dueling.

Dugan GoldGrove said...

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