Monday, November 9, 2009

Chain Bolting and Wall of Shame

Arena on Saturday brought lots more of the same this time both chain bolting and also some fun chain stunning. *sigh*

Surprisingly Cody gave me another chance to duel with him after our amazingly sad run the day before. After one good match we again ran into chain bolters. We were matched against a storm and ice wizard. As one might expect we were anticipating a Storm Lord followed by Frost Giant etc. To our surprise what we got was constant shield removal and bolts by the storm wizard followed by wild bolts from the ice wizard! After three of these hit and cody was dead and I barely alive I asked the other team why they do that. The answer was "It's what I do." (Pretty self explanatory I guess.)

A question for you readers:
Until a fix from KI is available... is it ethical to make a database of chain bolters and chain stunners to allow people to search them up in a duel and get their MO? Or should they be given a second chance in hopes they will see the error of their ways?

Please comment with your opinion.



ali said...

I think it's the whole "All's fair in love and war" thing. If they're not going to play nice, they deserve to have their names on the wall of shame.

Because that's not playing nice. That's playing dirty and if they want to play dirty, then dirty's what they ought to get.

Silverheart said...

nope they won't trust me. If they get what they want they won't change.

Adam said...

You cannot control the behavior of others. If it displeases you and the arena becomes unenjoyable, then walk away. That's what I did many months ago when chain-stunning was still the big thing everyone was whining about. I get so tired of the arena complaints, because it's always something. If wild bolt is outlawed, someone will invent another monotonous, but essentially sure-fire strategy. I still duel sometimes, but only with people I know. Remember that it's a game. If it's not fun, don't play, or only play when you can be sure all players have the same philosophy.

My2Cents said...

I agree with you, Ali. Also, why does chain bolting cause such an uproar? I understand that Wild Bolt might be a bit overpowered, but why can't you simply shield yourself? The gal in the FairGrounds of WC sells Storm Shields for -80% Storm Damage. Would that not take most of the Bolt, out of Wild Bolt? Just my opinion and suggestions.
-Chase WillowWeaver lvl. 44 Sorcerer
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Valerian Nightbringer said...

My2Cents: In a match with chain bolting the strategy is to minor strike off the shield and then bolt. However even if you have a shield on the bolt still does nearly 400 damage. 1 strike for the shield 1 strike to kill you. I ask you in return why should one spell have the alility to kill you outright? The whole premise of wild bolt is that ligtening never strikes twice. However this is certainly not the case with a snipered bolt delivered by someone with the additional accuracy of arena gear. (40% combined)

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Adam: You asked why I don't just leave arena... well I have been struggling with the ultimate answer for that for some time. What I keep coming back to is the obvious question... why should I leave arena? What else is there to do in the game at this point? Also if KI found it acceptable to finally address the chain stunning issue, why should they NOT address the wild bolting issue? Beyond that there is the matter of fairness... should we just give in and accept unfair practices? Should we just allow arena to be ruined for everyone but the most adept cheaters? Should we join them in their cheating?

Until someone can answer those questions for me, I will be continuing to ask for a fix to this 1 spell dueling fad.

Anonymous said...

i think that is a great idea. we should show the wild bolt faults and ways of the new and challenged players. i dont think "its just what i do" is the answer i would be looking for.i would say thAT is a stupid answer and fight them again only then to make them run out of cards with three absorbs that i put in my deck. once again in your other article ARENA ISNT WORTH IT!

Chase Jadegem lvl 23 life

PS. hopefully you other players wont know my secrets of attacks.

Anonymous said...

No we should not give in to their evil practices. No we will have it fair for everyone except cheaters.No we should not join them, you of all people should know that if you stoop to a cheaters lvl you become a cheater.Hopefully i have answered your questions.

Chase Jadegem lvl 23 life

Anonymous said...

well i have a grand master storm full gear and i think wild bolt evens itself out. i mean it has 10% accuracy for a 1000 hit its all fair. so if you dont like it stay out of the arena i mean i dont just rely on bolts. i just think it evens it out, but as for chain stunning what i say is if they chain and we dont die chain em right back ;)

Anonymous said...

robert stormblade lvl 50 storm xD

Anonymous said...

Cry Baby

Anonymous said...

well everybody I dont know if I would go to the limits of saying that chain bolters and stunners or treasure card users are cheaters, but it still is unpleasant to battle them in PVP. I have to admit that I definitely cannot win against a chain bolter :( It is very frustrating, by the time I have enough pips to hit with a spell that does the damage of one bolt they can kill me with their wild bolts even with my shields and ice resistance. I find the bolters and stunners are in group PVP so I stick to 1v1 and like that better, that being is pretty bad when you cant duel with your friends because you know that your opponents will mostly be chain bolters.