Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to build a good arena deck for Balance

A friend of mine asked me for a suggestion about how to compose a deck for balance for 1-vs-1 in the arena.

While I have driven a balance wizard before I don't yet have one myself. So I'd be interested in hearing from my readers about good ideas.

My suggestion given what I know from fighting balance wizards would be: (please note this setup is not optimal for multi-player pvp but should do ok in 1v1)
Main Deck
1) Shields (max # you can fit)
2) blades (both standard bladestorm blades)
3) black mantle (3-4)
4) weakness (3-4)
5) feint (2-3)
7) 30% tough trap (4)
8) fire elf (3 or 4)
9) Nova (2)
10) reshuffle (2)
11) a few heals

3-4 nova
emergency heals
1 or two treasure fire elf

That's pretty much it. I'm not going to lay out the strategy for you to win with this setup. (It won't take you long to find it yourself)



jesse ^_^ said...

this is my deck for balance on 1vs1
on the arena.

6 judgments
5 spectral blast
4 hydra's
7 balance blades
5 elemental blades
4 balance storm blades
3 hex
3 feints
2 fairies
2 spirits
2 helping hands

minions (optional) I usually just have 1 or 2 or even none

3 black mantle
2 reshuffles
3 weakness
on shields if your planning on useing the spritit shields and elemental shields I mainly use only 4 copies of each 2 type of shields of spirit and elemental since balance has a shield for every single school that means 4 spirit shields and 4 elemental shields.

in my sideboard aka for treasure cards

I contain mainly healing spells and hydra's.
healing spells in case of a emergency heal and hydra's for a emergency shield breaker or attack and also contain 1 reshuffle.

I hope this helps usually it does work for me you can do something like this as well but smaller deck if you wish a smaller version of it with less cards.

Dugan GoldGrove said...

Hey Valerian Thanks for that I needed that for my future battles. I play free realms now.

Amber said...

I have a Balance Wizard, for 1v1 my Deck is not too much different of what Jesse had mentioned, though I carry all the dispels, and all shielding and 4 minions, two of each type. I have no feint or tower shields. My pet gives me Dragon Blade and a neat little card, (Elf on Fire). I few treasures (fire elves of course! and a few transmute fire elf to xxx cards. I Dont have Nova yet, so I stock up on the other spells.

Anonymous said...

ok this is mine
3-4 fire elf
4-5 hydra

Anonymous said...

Hello Valerian. I have a 48 Death who I don't like to use for PvP. My 48 storm is ok, back and forth from sergeant to corporal to sergeant again. My 31 balance doesn't lose much, because I am a Judgement Noob :) For the deck I have:
6 Judgements
4 elemental shields and spiritual shields
4 of every blade and trap, not including ones from Niles
2 or 3 weaknesses
4 feint
3 myth/life shields
2 or 3 spectral blasts
1 reshuffle until I get to higher level

Anonymous said...

Alright, I have been playing Wizard101 for awhile now ( 2 years i thik O. o ).... and yes, shielding is the key for winning in arena. My balance is only 31 like Mr. Anonymous up here lol.... so this my actual deck:
-6 Judgements
-3 or 4 of Balance Blades, Hexes, Feints, and Bladestorms
-3 Weaknesses
-2 Black Mantle
-4 Spectral Blasts
-3 Elemetal/Spiritual Shields
-1 or 2 Reshuffles

-4 or 5 Tower Shields
-3 Judgement
-2 or 3 Satyr/Fairy/Pixie

I wear the Boots of Peerless or whatever lol and the hat for not Commander Gear, other gear. My robe gives 5% resist atm because I am only level 31. My 53 Storm is in Celestia and i went to Bazaar and saw a Robe that gives 17% resistance to all schools!!!!! That better than arena gear so Storm wearing that lol.

P.S. My Death (Level 48) stinks in Arena. I Know how to play arena, and Death isn't for me lol.... see ya in the arena!!!! My Balance is Wolf Earthwraith and Storm is Wolf Thunderblade.
Hope I meet ya!!!!!!

Theodosia said...

max you can fit judge is a MUST. sadly, i dont have feint i use hex.heres my deck:
6-7(i 4get which) judgment,
2-3 bladestorm
3-4 balanceblades,
3 hex,
2 element blades,
2 spirit blades,
3 of spirit and elemtn shields,
3 black mantles,
3-4 nova,
2 sandstorms,
3-5 hydras,
3-4 satyrs,
2-3 sprites,
1 pixie,
thats all i can think of for now.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! Mr. Anonymous, I am that Mr. Anonymous you just talked about. How you doin'? Lol ok so like now i pvp with my Myth. He ATM is 45, with a deck of 55 cards. SInce we talkin' 'bout balance i not gonna say deck but, SHIELDING IS KEY TO WINNING!!! Tower shield---get it or dont win lol. i keep treasure towers, i have tower amulet, and i got that Epic Bundle so the boots give me another when i get to level 50..... I NEED HELP MR. VALERIAN!!!! Ok so like yea. Yea k so I am Gonna get crowns For Christmas and so what is the best arena gear for areena...for myth... prob reinforced helm and stuff like that but i was gonna wear this: Epic Bunle boots or striders of the verge, malistaire's unhallowed robe (myth robe) and then the hat reinforced helm OR headgear of the sylph. if i wear the heal boots, i wear earthquake hat. opposite opposite. so yea help plz!!!

Anonymous said...

use cloths that boost your power it will help a lot!

RedNova2011 said...

This is my great Arena deck:

(This is Main school death secondary storm)

4 Banshee
4 Beguile
4 Curse
2 Death Trap
4 Death Blade
4 Feint
4 Poison
4 Sacrifice
4 Skeletal Pirate
4 Vampire
4 Kraken
4 Storm Shark
4 Windstorm

Treasure Cards:
1 Plaque
2 Weakness
1 Humongofrog
1 Darkwind

Item Cards:
Some Random Wand
1 Saytr

Anonymous said...

I'm level 26 non-member so here is my deck
Sandstorm (4)
Meteor (3)
Infection (3)
fire elf (4)
sunbird (4)
locust swarm (4)
ablance blade (4)
elemental shields (4)
pixie (4)
and for need to killlow health enemy with allot of pips: firecat (1)