Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poll Results for Wild Bolt

So it turns out that 58% of you think that wild bolt should be banned or restricted in some way. After I was fighting a storm wizard the other day and I could see him continually attempting to cast bolt on me, a realization struck me about the same time his wild bolt did. That lightening never strikes twice right? If true that means that wild bolt should never be more accurate than 10%. Countess Shadowbane is correct... the solution is to ensure that wild bolt cannot be made into treasure. That would keep wild bolt at 10% (acceptable in my book and I think in keeping with the intent of the spell) and it would be the easiest programmatic change for KI. It would also keep people to competing primarily with their school spells as it should be.

In my opinion that would bring the fun back to arena and reduce the number of arguments and subsequent reporting of people all of which contribute to a more civil and enjoyable arena experience.

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Anonymous said...

Well they could still be used in PvE right?