Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chain Bolting Revisited

Yesterday again saw another loss at the hands of chain bolters. After the first round of play my storm friend had been bolted twice by two balance wizards. I wasn't far behind lasting only 3 casts before i was bolted. When I asked them to bolt me and finish the last 600 of my health they responded that they needed to save some for the next battle. (Thanks Amy Iceblood and Hunter D.)

A couple comments were left on my last post that I want to respond to. Why should I try to change arena? Why shouldn't I just quit arena?
I want to respond to those questions with questions of my own.

For the enjoyment of thousands of Wizard fans why should I NOT try to get arena to be made more fair?

When arena is one of the more interesting aspects of the game after level 50, and the only way to earn respect now that grand master points never increase, why should I leave considering that I probably would no longer play?

Lastly to those who are wild bolt fans:

* Does the spell wild bolt increase your skill as a wizard?

* When you use it to kill a more skilled wizard does it make you feel good?

* When you have to use it to win, why then do YOU play arena?

* Why exactly do you need wild bolt in order to win?
I challenge those of you who use wild bolt to stop carrying it. Just go 1 week without it in your treasures and let me know how things went. Either you will realize you don't need it or you'll develop empathy for those who lose to it.

That is my challenge to you :)


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Anonymous said...

Valerian, Yes you have valid points and those that bolt just want to win. Part of the fun of being a grandmaster is to do PVP, but like i said before, one cant even PVP with friends because you know you will most likely face a chain bolter. I PVP solo and that is better but not as fun as with friends. No other school has such a powerful 2 pip spell so unfortunately KIA had to do something, I am glad they changed the spell. AND to all those storm wizards now complaining about the spell, here is some food for thought...the adults who work at KIA and are educated in statistics and probabilty have done their research and determined that the spell needed changeing, sooo IMO they did their math right and found the spell gave a disproportionate advantage to the storm wizard when using a 2 pip spell. Now it is more fair to all.