Thursday, November 12, 2009

Forgotten Passwords

Jacob Goldgrove asked a question about how he could find his password again.

The way to do this is to go to and just under the login area on the web page is the word "forgot". (see the picture) Click on Forgot and enter your username. After you enter your username you should get an email soon after with a new password for you.

Hope this helps,



Jacob GolrGrove The Adept Ice Wizard said...

Oh sorry about that. I just need to meet my friends because i only have one month left before my subscrision ends :( and i want to beat the game before time runs out for me. Meet me in the diego realm area 1 for some cards I owe you one. I play Free Realms now check it out it has the same game rating as this one and there are wizards for members only. There are many diferent jobs. I'm also going to ask my mom to help me make my blog when I have subscrision. So check out my blog often as I will be posting tips about the game and vidios about both wizard101 and free realms so peice out.

Your #1 fan,
Jacob GoldGrove

games said...

k? u can catch me in dragonspyre on realm wu and on blogs u can find me at ok ok ok ok ok ok i need some comments. Half of them are from jason at hehehehehe hope i get comments from u and ur friends!!!!

Logan Silverflame...