Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zeke Quest Names An Evil Plot? You Decide...

Are the Zeke quest names merely random or some maniacle plot? Follow me for a moment on a journey into the bizzare mind of a game producer and make up your own mind.

If I was sitting in that game designer's chair with my feet up on my cluttered desk covered in half eaten cheetos bags, chocolate death candy bar wrappers and bottles of Heart Attack Cola, feeling devious and subtle to boot, I might choose names for things in the game that came from things I was familiar with. Like names of cats or dogs that I had once cherished or people I knew that were sweet or thoughtful or maybe even that cute girl from highshcool that I had a crush on. Those would make good game names, fun little anecdotal tidbits of trivia to foist upon some poor unsuspecting game player in a football-like "hail Mary" pass thrown toward winning the superbowl of trivia immortality. That would be if I was normal...

It takes quite a different strain of evil genious, and Dr Who-like 'devil-may-care' smugness to do what the game designer did that named the Zeke Quests.

Pretend for a moment I'm Morpheus, we're in the matrix and I'm offering you the red pill. Swallow it and let's see how far down this Rabbit hole goes...

* insert timewarp here with sound effects*

Wizard City circa 1985 the height of the Waver movement:
The Smiths turn out their first album called The Smiths

* insert "hmm i'd forgotten about the waver movement" *
Krockotopia circa 1960 the Beatles rock the pyramids with the British invasion which we see some evidence of with all beetles and the british fellows standing around in their safari outfits.

* insert "well, yeah, that's gotta be coincidence, it's not even spelled the same way" *
Marleybone 1979 the Stray Cats "rock this town"

* insert "I'd forggoten about them too" *
Mooshu is littered with Blue Oysters after the Blue Oyster Cult tours Mooshu.

* insert "well that's getting kinda spooky" *
Dragonspyre pays homage to the 1984 waver/alternative rock group The Stone Roses

* insert twilight zone music here *
Grizzlehem is attacked by the 1960's rock band The Yard Birds, leaving little litter of carved birds that are dang hard to find.

* insert a suspenseful and scary "dun dun duuhhhhhh! " here *
All of them with the exception of the Blue Oyster Cult are either from England or moved to England and were considered to be part of the British invasion! *GASP*

What kind of evil plot is it to get us to figure all of this out, and to go and listen to old music! What kind of under-handed scheme to take over the world is being woven into the fabric of what should be otherwize mindless time wasting game of hide-and-go-seek? OOh, or perhaps worse yet what kind of nefarious villainy to play upon the obsessive compulsive nature of pathetic bloggers who will take hours writing about all this and bubbling it up on Google and memorializing the fame of one's taste in music?

The world may never know....

Well KingIsle? I for one would like to know who's brilliant idea this was. It's my kinda crazy.

ThanX :D


Anonymous said...

that was so funny and i loved it man you are the best article writer i know you should be on a article in the news

games said...

kool nice I'M WIERD fruit snacks! ANYWAYS AWESOME!!!! JOB!!!!

games said...

awesome job man hope to see u sometimes my fire guys name is logan silverflame and i am usually in unicorn way on realm wu cya

Anonymous said...

hahahaha man you are so funny you also are a good writer man where do you come up with this stuff your bigges t fan.

Anonymous said...

chase again. i thought you had some halaroius(dont care if i spelled it wrong) points in this article. i was laughing so hard my parents yelled at me because they couldnt hear the TV. i know how people say that its awsome but i dont think they take the time to actually read the articles. they just say its awsome. we know its awsome but comment what you think and feel about the article.
you know who



Anonymous said...

Dude this article is the funniest and most informative article I have found after an hour of searching ( does not matter if I was looking for a guide to the marley bone cats lol.) me, my brother, and my sister all play wizard 101 and I recently got membership and am blowing through the spiral!!! I have a question though... If zeke is an evil master mind than what does that make malistare??? Is zeke as evil as him??? Oh and A person with a name ( above ) I don't like chocolate covered ants either... I am currently working on moosho ( dunno if I spelled it wrong ) and am moving on to dragonspire. The master artisan quest is impossible!!!!! If anyone has advise plz help! I am level 39 balance wizard named John FireBlade