Friday, October 8, 2010

Celestia teaser for those who have yet to go to test realm

Here is a picture of the people waiting for the Celestia maps to load.

 Some new mounts!!

 Some new elixirs

 Your new stats.  I'll expand more on these soon.
 Talk to Merle Ambrose to get your Celestia key.
 Yay! There it is!
 Stepping through the door.
 Picking up your first quest.

 Storm wiz nuking a crab
 These bad guys throw big spells
 Talk to this lady in the Celestia commons to get access to the astral schools

After you talk to her go down that ramp and check out the broken pillars.  Those broken pillars give you access to the astral spells. 

Sun offers 100 Tough and 10% accuracy as well as other spell strength and accuracy enhancements.
Moon offers a Gobbler transform among other transforms.  They give you the extra health and a different deck of cards.
Stars offers personal bubbles for 15% resist for 3 turns, 15% boost for 3 turns and other things but the Stars school offers fewer spells over all and requires that you have to be level 54 to get your next training point.

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