Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today was my Birthday!

Bleery eyed from working 12 hour days and having to be up bright and early at 6, I finally had a moment to snarf down some cake made by Cody and chill for a little.  I had only a moment to check out Friendly's castle and Fallon's new castle and take some pics.  Not wanting to try to scoup them on their rockin castles from the new gamestop code I waited till today my Bday to post something thinking that work people would give me a break since it was my Bday.  O boy, was I ever wrong!  A 6am meeting thanks to the time difference between here and Boston got my day of to a rockin (sarcasm) start and it didn't slow down!

Knowing that I needed to catch up on the intense activity at KingIsle's Wizard101 release of Celestia I finally found some time tonight at midnight to post.  I peeked in on the game to see if my buddies were on.  With no time to quest and only two buddies on, I decided to catch up on the contest awards!  (I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!)  Not to mention it was one of our readers who had the rockin idea (not sarcasm, that idea really rocks) for Medusa, the new Myth spell.  Can you say WINNER?  I think so!  I'll track you down and let you pick something from our wiz goodies.  Since I've had too much sugar and my ADD is going berserk right now I had to kick myself to get back to my origina point.... So I go to check my email to find who was closest on the Celestia release and Ta-Da!  "You've Got Mail"  (I hope you're not old enough to remember that)  Anyway, what do I see in my email but a have to kick myself and get back to my point.

So I look in my email and O: My mouth got so big you could have shoved a full piece of cake in it without hitting the sides.  But what to my wondering eyes should appear but a tiny code and a thank you!  So I dashed over to and plugged in the code.  Double O: O: It was the code for the new castle and gear!  So I of course had to log back in to wiz and check it out even though I'd seen the others.  It wasn't any tiny bit less cool!  In my haste it seems like I selected the wrong set of cloths.  (not quite sure how that works yet but still! O:)

Dang cool. I'll post more tomorrow.

Thanks for the B-day present (you know who you are!)

Valerian Nightbringer

p.s. Thanks for the catch bro on the last post.  Cody was posting his scoup and I think he's just overcome by the coolness.  He actually called all the gamestops in the city to see if they had the cards yet!  It seemed like he pasted a post from Central O:  *naughty* and got the incorrect details as well as the broken links from the internal urls.  And well, I know Cody knows his Griffins from his eagles.  Nobody is into mythology more than he is.  He is the Myth master in more ways than one.  I'll have to tease him about it. Thanks for looking out!


Lost said...

Happy Belated Bday. Hope it rocked, and congrats on the code. That's totally awesome.

Theresa said...

wowza, I don't play wizard for a few days and look what I miss! I'm so excited about all the new goodies KI has unveiled. I barely got into test last night, but I'm totally excited about the possibilities of the new schools (even if my daughter decided to spend 3 training points on the first level spells of each school (UGH! at least it is test!)

thanks for the scoops--I have $40 burning a hole in my pocket now....