Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New gamestop card!

Woot! gamestop has a new card for 40 dollars! Here's what it gives.

An griffin mount
An epic fantasy castle WITH ARENA!
A special hat robe and boots.
5000 Crowns
or 1 Month subscription.
1 Ancient spear of power
Here's a pic of the card.



Robert DragonHeart said...

You might want to edit that. According to Fallon SHadowBlade(Diary of a wizard) that its ether 5,000 crowns or a one month Subscription. The mount is also a Griffin mount and not an eagle. The ancient spear of power is like a staff attack that contains all 7 schools 100 damage attacks. Oh the boots come with a tower shield, hat with a power nova(better then the school spell)and the robe comes with a saytr card.

axel1547 said...

valerian if you wanna know when celestia and the card will come out i know the dates that they are telling and giving rumors to buy the game and blah blah well i was on one of those conferences and i know when the celestia all the spells secret trainers secret entrances and all that stuff if you want to know when, just tell me

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Axel, I'd love to know! So keep your comments coming or email me your post and I'll put it up for you.

Anonymous said...

hey, i am not trying to make this inaproppriate because telling i live in NJ, but you need that info. ok so i want to get it but i dont no if my gamestops have it. any help? thx :)))

Anonymous said...

This'll be so epic! Im so gonna get this! Also, what does the Ancient Spear Of Power look like and what does it do....?

wolf darkstrider said...

where did you go to get the codes your getting and the hacks your finding i really want to know i cant gain money real easy the highest i have is about 5k please tell