Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wild Bolt finally gets a makeover!

If you've been a reader here at Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards long you probably know my opinion of snipered wild bolt.  With star school enhancements to them in Celestia you could find yourself in PVP staring down the barrel of 1000 damage spell that can be cast on every single pass of play with near 100% accuracy with enhancement and gear pluses.

It seems like the readers here have been listened to again as you were on chain stunning. 

Enter the new change...
This still has a 25% chance of being a nasty, nasty spell.  So it really is the same odds as a snipered bolt to hit 1000% but it takes away the super-enhancement of the gear.  Wild bolt will be a fantastic shield breaker but it will finally be fair all around considering that no other school has a secondary 2 pip chance spell that packs the highest hit in the game.

With the new Celestia schools and PVP being mixed up with all kinds of new things this is probably a much needed evening out adjustment especially versus low damage schools like Ice and Myth.

Thanks to KingIsle the makers of Wizard101 for listening to the fans and continuing to make adjustments to keep PVP fair.

See you in arena,
Valerian Nightbringer


Anonymous said...

Yea, I personally hate the change, you'd know what it's like if you have a Storm alt :-P. PvP is only a little part of this game, yet it's a change for EVERYTHING - What about people who don't PvP ( like me )? WB really helps in PvE, so that's why I hate the change ;)

Nessa said...

wow so now the other wizards on the other schools has 75% not getting killed by wild bolt and die. thats just amzing to me at least. now i dont have to suffer in pvp anymore. I still hope KingIsle give us myth wizards the spell Ninja Pig or something that can let us attack easier since we does low damage.

Nessa said...

i wonder will they change judgement, heckhound, or helephant. Judgement does a damange of over 5000 if the wizard knows how to use it, and so does the fire spells like heckhound and helephant.

Theodosia said...

i hope they dont change judgment. im balance grand and its still my main attack from when i was a magus.
once my friend was like, "guess what, i got the most powerful spell in the game!" and i was like, "really? cool, which spell is it?" and he was like, "wild bolt!" and i said, "wild bolt isnt the most powerful, tempest is". and its true because wild bolt does the most on a per pip basis (500) but tempest does more over all because it takes more pips and does it to all the enemies. cannot wait until my journeyman storm alt gets tempest.

Anonymous said...

(if you played old wizard101) wow if you have noticed, people only started complaining about bolt AFTER wizard-made spells couldn't be traded....... before that nobody really cared plus a lot of noob warlords lost their rating cause they couldn't bolt anymore (non-storm ones) and that is why they probably complained