Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wizard101 iphone app comes out for OS4 & Crowns deal

I've been working like a mad wizard lately and one thing that helped make my 2am bed time and 6am morning and 6-1/2-hour-meeting-day a little more fun was an update on my iphone!  It's BAAAAAAck!  The WizardBlox iphone app.  It's fixed for OS4 and has new prizes including house drops.  I won a park bench and a ribcage (yikes).  I might have to start dropping codes again!

And Check out the web site for a spooky special on crowns! If you're looking to level pets or gear up for Celestia that would be the deal of the season.

Also to answer a couple questions: there is a secret passage way to the downstairs to the right of the bank in the new Fantasy Castle.  Also pay careful attention to the stairway walls

And the question about open chat requiring a credit card on file... No they won't deduct money from the card that you give for age verification but they need it to verify that you are actually a grown up or your account has been set up by a parent and your open chat approved by a parent.


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