Thursday, October 14, 2010

Critical and Block

I know I'm talking about this late but I think it's worthwhile to mention.  Two new stats of note in the Celestia release are the "Critical" and "Block" ratings.  These stats will help you have a chance for avoiding a bad spell alltogether like dodging a bullet with your Keanu Reaves skills or getting a super awesome hit that just nukes everything.  If you talk to Dueling Diego outside of the arena in the test realm he'll give you one of those nifty if somewhat odd looking helmets that are maybe something out of the Captain Nemo movie from 20 years ago. 

(fitting since we're talking underwater world... anyway, moving on)

But the funky helmet will give you a 15% chance for a critical hit.  It was hard for me to justify trying it when my old zeke level 35 gear are better than any since with the exception of the arena gear.  I think the helmet may have helped me get one or two early kills while adventuring but in the end I switched back to the zeke stuff for the shields because I was getting brutally punished by the storm and ice bosses that always seem to get their turn to use their 6, YES 6 pips on you on the very first turn.  Naturally it seems like they ALWAYS get the first turn but maybe that's just my bad luck idk.  In any event, I think if you have an outfit that you can put together with a decent chance at critical hit then it's probably worth wearing, otherwise you might find you're better off with your school's extra tough and shields you get from your regular gear.  But do be aware of it and watch your backpack and bank.  If you put a rockin outfit together with critical hit and block let me know.


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