Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celestia Test Realm Prediction Contest and Next Prediction Contest

The person who most closely guessed the release date of the test realm is: h.pippin.

H.Pippin, contact me by email and let me know which of these prizes you would like to claim as your reward...
BEST GUESS Celestia Test Realm Contest

5000 crowns
or Fog Unicorn
or Death Scarab
or Shard Tail Dragon
Celestia Prediction Part II Contest
Please send in your predictions of the release of the live realm version of Celestia.  Several of you have sent in your guesses but 3 are guessing the same day so if you want to have a chance to win a major prize like the ones above, please email me your date and hour so that I can determine which would win.

Lucky Subscriber Contest
Sign up to follow this blog and get a chance to win a crowns prize like the ones listed above.  I'll try to match you with a manly gift if you are a man or a womanly gift if you are of the fairer gender.

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