Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secret Rooms and House Warming

Here's me checking out Friendly's place (

 And checking out Fallon's place (

 Cool dungeon with spooky things!  Secret doors open into various parts of the dungeon! Bwaaahaaaahaaa!
 Here's me checking out my awesome birthday surprise!
 Here's me apparently picking the totally wrong gear!  Um, be careful picking which gear you redeem!  I had no idea there was an option to get noob gear but apparenly I picked it.

 An artistic shot of me and my new gear and pet.  LOOOOVe the doggy!

 Another artsy fartsy shot
 Logan found one of the 5 secret passages that I know of.  One I found the first day but can't find again.
 My friends rocking the house's practice arena.
 A view of the house from the 'secret' island!
 Good buddies letting ice team beat on them.  What a nice housewarming present!
Thanks to Amber, Duncan, Grace, Robert ( ), Christina, Logan, Cody, Taryn, Morgan, Sierra (   ) and all the friends old and new who stopped by for a visit.  It was a nice belated birthday present.  If you can't tell I love having visitors over so don't be shy about dropping in!

Valerian Nightbringer


Robert DragonHeart said...

Well I hope you had a great birthday! Can't wait to hang more.

Gallifreyan Witch said...

Wow, amazing castle - I'm definatly going to try and get one now (do you know whether you can only get it with the gift card? I can't find where the gift cards are on GameStop website and I haven't a clue where the nearest store would be - if you find a link to where you can buy them could you post it please?)

Shady said...

woah cool! o: What are the other secret passage ways, I only know two!

Ujjwal said...

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