Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amulets and New Mounts are LIVE!!! and Second School/Arena Thoughts

Many of you probably know that amulets and mounts are now available in the Wizard101 regular realm.  Check the crown shop to see the particulars.

Go to Mr Lincoln in Golem court to buy back your training points should you want to...

Check out the location of this secret trainer for Mutate spells... (click on the picture to make it larger)  If you look carefully you can see the green triangle showing where I am on the map :)  Good luck!

I'm having to reconsider my former recommendations on the "arena" school or Valerian's School for arena.  I think Ice will best better off with Life or Fire as a second.  I think Fire will do well in arena with any school.  Fire totally dominates 1v1 with Efreet.  Myth should probably go with Life as a second school.  I think Storm pretty much needs Life school or possibly Fire as a second.  I'll go so far as to say Life should pick up Death as a second school! And Death should probably go with Life or Myth.  I personally will probably pick Myth as my second for my Death Wizard.  Naturally there will be chainers that pick myth with Storm and Fire so they can chain stun but hopefully that will be rare.

Generally now people don't blade much rather they rely on critical gear and just throw spells until one goes 10x power which happens about 50% of the time now in PVP with the critical gear people like to wear.

Card selection and training point use will be more distributed now with people learning more of one single school as a second which means they have fewer points to spend on Astral schools.  I recommend picking up Conviction among some other carefully considered spells from Astral.

Let me know what school you are choosing as your second!



Wolf Shadowbane said...

I am a legend fire and i belive i am going to stick with life as my secondary school i belive that most schools expeshally storm because of the low health.
A Fellow Player

Wolf Shadowbane

Nessa said...

Secondary school is kewl but since I spend all my crowns on the world and places in it. So even with the new amulet, as long as it is with crowns, we cant afford it :( Especially when I know a world will be coming out soon...though i really love my mix of secondary school :) I got life, storm, moon, and star.

Vale said...

Nessa, I didn't find out what Myth's spell is :( maybe some hints will be coming soon.

I hear you on the second school thing. It just about broke the bank to pick up one amulet and retrain my points :(

Wolf. Yeah life is probably the obvious choice for storm. I'm still waffling between life and fire. Ice can't hit very hard so the long game is an option but I'd rather surprise than be predictable. In the end I'll probably stay with life.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I thought of this while thinking of what school I should get for a amulet! Think about this! Someone uses a storm lord/frost giant and then someone uses a earthquake. Will this cause another up-roar in chain stunning again?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are correct. It will lead to chain stunning even in 1v1 :( A wiz will be able to save all their pips and throw Quake and Lord back to back. In 4v4 it will be nuts for a while. I trust the people at Wizard to listen to us and remedy it at some point. We got them to fix chaining and bolting the first time around. If it gets bad let's get it on video and I'll post about it you can count on that!

Yeah Nessa, I've spent all my crowns on just an amulet and had to buy more just to buy my points back... I want to try Fire and Myth too but didn't have time in test realm.