Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vognir Runethief quest HELP!

Have you gone to Vognir just to find that he's invisible or you can't even get in the door?  This happened to me.  I tried logging in and out, tried changing realms, tried going back to the commons and porting to a marker.  Nothing worked!

Finally I got distracted by TV (gasp!) I know that never happens when I play Wizard101!

Sooo, after about 10 minutes he just appeared.  I guess kinda like a crafting pick-up that someone else picked it seems like he's kinda fickle about showing up after someone has beaten him.  So if you're in the same boat, just keep trying.

See you in test realm!

CAN YOU BELIEVE COLOSSUS IS 500 NOW?  Finally Ice wiz are going to start using him again.  Mine went unused for about 6 months.  I'm glad he's part of my spell family again.  The awesome fixes and upgrades are making things fresh and fun.  Thanks KI!


Nessa said...

Wow guess ice wizards had some hard times with their spells...Hmm maybe i should start using my ice more often now...

mywizard101site said...

I KNOW RIGHT! I never used Colossus because he did 480-520 (I think) but now 500-580 is better and us ice wizards will use him xD I have mainly been using giant and angel

Anonymous said...

Hey vognir runethief is solo dungeon it is hard