Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Wizard101 Mount Contest Entries

The wait for these to load is worth it.  These are the entries for Saturday!
Our fans have incredible talent.  I'm sorry these don't have names attached to each but I have everyone's emails who've submitted.  Keep the amazingness coming and see our contest details below for the benefit for Japan and how to enter in additional ways.

Some of our readers asked how to follow the blog.  Scroll down about 1/4 of a the blog and on the right hand side-bar of the blog you'll see a little silver button that says "Follow" on it.  It's just above a little square of pictures of people that follow the blog.  (If you look for that you should find it!)

There are 3 ways to enter... you don't have to draw a picture but you can!  And the picture contest is part of our charitable effort for Japan.  Again, please see the contest details in the posts below for more information.



Amber Rosepetal said...

Sorry about the load, I forgot to convert them to .JPG's. My DSi saves 'em as a gimp file..

The ones with really bad quality that are small are mine, and then the one I sent in of the girl with blue eyes would have been mine too. As well as the one where it's on my desk. Does that help..?

Nessa said...

Amazing! Everyone is great at drawing!

Nessa said...

Did you receive my picture of the Headmaster?