Monday, April 11, 2011

Arena Fun in Test Realm

So it's about time to post about the new strategies in arena.  I have some interesting observations from trying out the new amulets and will post about where to get various spells from.  You'll need to plan carefully and be ever so careful when trying to buy Gargantuan because the default is for the accuracy card to be selected.  This happened to me twice :(

Arena today was marked by a lot of fire wizards throwing critical Effreets. (spelling?)  That was pretty crazy.  I have yet to get matched against anyone other than Death or Fire both of which seem to be doing well out of the gate.  Fire wizards not really needing the double-school mod to make arena life firey.

I'll post more about PVP in the next couple days.  I have yet to hear back from Wizard101 on whether or not they have anything special in the works for our special celebration.

Happy test realm spelunking
~Valerian Nightbringer

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The Heroic Pyromaner said...

You spelled Effreet wrong. It is Efreet.
Which area in Celestia are you working on?
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade