Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enter if you haven't already - Contest wraps up on Friday

Check out the contest by my buddy Rogue Sorcerer at:

Also check out my other friend-list friend's contests: Friendly Necromancer's contest: and Fallon Shadowblade's at  See the wizard login page on the game for more links to mount contests etc.  And check out my buddy Eric's site: 
And Vanessa of Myth's contest:

If I've forgotten anyone I apologize!

I'll be wrapping up the Mounts contest for the chessnut horses on Friday so read the posts below and enter in one or more of the 3 different ways to win!!!

And don't forget to check out our artisitic/charitable entries in the post below.



Nessa said...

Thanks for advertising my blog :) I got like 500 entries already hoping to get more :D Are you entering?

mywizard101site said...

Thanks Valerian for posting my picture! It is the one titled Blaze Shadowhorn. It is the picture with the Guardians Outfit on. Could you advertise my blog and website like you did for Nessa please. My sites are:

Blaze Shadowhorn