Saturday, April 9, 2011

We'll pass 100,000 page views today!

If you see that magical number on the page counter at the right hand sidebar of the screen we've will have passed 100,000 page views!  That might just call for a celebration!  (My mind is already plotting devious means for celebrating such an amazing event)

- ideas welcome! -

Here's a video to promote Mount-a-palooza!  Check it out!



AutumnalDusk said...

Gratz on your momentous accomplishment! Best wishes for the future!

The Heroic Pyromancer said...

Please host a pvp party of some sort!
I'll co-host it if you want. ( on my chestnut pony! )
party party!
gratz on the 100,000 pages view! Well actually 100,110. Just checked.
See you ITS!-Talon Thunderblade

The Active Necromancer said...

Hey I won the Find me Rogue Sorcerer Contest and I heard you supplied the Shardtail Dragon! Thank You very much for the generosity of giving it for the contest!

Sloan Shadowstaff

Anonymous said...

If you hold a contest, please make it equally fair for Paying Players and Non-Paying Players.

It would be fun to hold a contest celebrating both your 100,000 views and the Mount-a-Palooza, where the new astral pony mounts are given away.