Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wizard101 Mount Contest Winners

I collected all the entries by form and by picture and by following.  This produced 3 lists containing the number of entries for new followers, picture entries and the biggest number of entries was in the form submissions at 1225!

I took the totals and put them into and generated 4 random numbers for pictures, and 5 numbers in new followers and 5 numbers in form entries.  The result is the following list:

Drumroll please!

New Follower Winners (Random)
Danny Soderburg

wiz101 conjurer
Miriam W.
Hailey Wineburg
Tatiana shadowflame
Form Entry Winners (Random)
Erin Winterhaven
Chelsea Wildglen
Tabitha Seaglen
Morgrim Trollfriend
Brooke Moonstone
Picture Winners (Random)
Joshua Dragontail  - small Merle Ambrose
Isaac DreamStaff - wizard duel
Amber Rosepetal - red girl - computer composition
Talon Thunderblade - Yugi-oh

Picture Winner (Overall best picture) -this was so incredibly hard to judge so I recruited help to vote-
Holly for the picture of her wizard and rat magician

The picture contest entries were very fun and I loved reviewing the entries each day.  I'll probably do it again so keep up the artistic work!

** I'll be sending the winners emails directly with a code and a link to redeem it so watch your email if you're one of the lucky ones **
For those that didn't win anything please keep entering our contests which come up fairly often.  Many times there are so few entries that you're almost guaranteed to win something.  This was a mega-contest so there was a lot bigger pool of entries.  Don't give up!  I won't be happy until all our fans are winning amazing stuff.  So keep coming back!
And most importantly, thanks for your drawing entries for the Japan benefit.  I'll tally up the drawings and make a donation and will post more about that shortly.  Does anyone out there want to join me in giving to the Japan quake relief cause?  If so let me know and I'll post about your contribution.  THANKS!
All you wizards make our sprial keep - well - keep on spiraling :D
Thanks all!!!


tatiana shadowflame said...

thank you so much for the chance to win this pony :o) i share my one mount between wizards, and my boys are always wanting a new ride. havent decided yet to keep it for myself, or let the boys bicker on who will get it. once again, i thank you.

The Hilarious Thaumaturge said...

Hey Valerian!!
It's Danny Soderberg (it's ok, most people confuse it with a "u" :)) i was wondering, which email did you send the code to? I haven't been on blogger in a while, so i have forgotten which email i use for it. Thanks :)

Vale said...

Dear Danny,
I sent your code to the email address you are using as a follower.

If you want me to send the code to another address I'd be happy to do that.

email me at: inetsuperman @ yahoo . com
(without the spaces) and let me know where to send the code.