Monday, April 25, 2011

Wintertusk and Valerian's School Celebration

Wintertusk is out in test realm!!!  See you there!

New school spells are available to try out there.  And there are some killer updates that we've been begging for for quite some time... like how about Quake that doesn't take stun shields off!!!!!  And bolt that can have a chance to backfire?

Check out the new mounts too!  Like Snow Rams among others.  Also check out the new amulets that are available if you don't want to go the second-school route.

And the begging paid off!  We have indeed succeeded in our grovelling.  Wizard101 is providing some incredible swag for our milestone celebration.  But before you get distracted with that let's check out the test realm.  New details are pouring in minute by minute, but if you're like me you'll stop reading and get right to the downloading test realm and playing...

See you online.
Valerian Nightbringer

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