Thursday, June 10, 2010

Arena 4v4

The other day my friends and I played some 4v4 in arena. Or let me rephrase that, our opponents played and we watched. Let me know if you've experienced this...

Look at all those pips that can never be used :(

Note the first two on the other team have no pips because of double stunning every pass.

And for the finish the opposing team had their other characters watching from the sidelines to rub it in. Note the "GG Suckers" comment. Well, that's what we were I guess. Six matches and six chain stuns. One would have to be a sucker to lose 48 points in a night and keep trying. We even tried preparing for chain stunning by carrying 6 stun blocks each one out of the 6 attempts we got first cast and were able to stun block two people but with the double stun each pass there was nothing to be done.

How many of you have experienced this in 4v4 and 3v3? In 2v2 and 1v1 it's less problematic and more is based on skill, like a chess match.

I am hoping you will help me with a "Chain Letter" to let King Isle know that you would like a change from chain stunning in arena.

If you are willing to help, simply post your comment to this post and I will include it, after a couple days of accumulated posts to King Isle and we'll get some signatures and comments from other bloggers to add to the letter.

The beginning of the letter will be as follows:

"We the players of Wizard101 pvp respectfully request a new feature for pvp that will eliminate the ability or provide compensation for chain stunning. We believe despite the existence of stun shields, that there is no possible means of defending against chain stunning against teams with two or three stun-all-capable players particularly with second cast. Even with first cast there's scant opportunity to employ double stun shields. We would like to request a feature to prevent this behavior entirely. We believe the ability to stun players fully turn after turn does not represent skill nor the spirit of fair play.

We propose the following possibilities that could address this issue.

1) A team that chain stuns will forfeit all their points and all tickets for the round to the stunned team.


2) A stun block that is reflective and after the first stun stuns the other team if they cast a second stun on top of the stun block


3) Make stun-alls cost more pips


4) Reduce accuracy on stun-all


5) Make stun-all cost health


6) Make stun-all only able to be cast one time


7) Make it so chain stunning makes you wait 5 minutes before returning to arena


8) Make chain stunning a reportable and eventually ban-able offense

The former ideas are simply ideas and may not encompass every means of addressing the epidemic of chain stunning.

Those of us who have added our comments below do applaud you for the amazing experience that is arena and thank you for the great enjoyment we get from being able to match wits with our fellow players. We do hope you will find a way to make arena even more fun and allow us a turn or two at least in which to employ our spells in a duel.


Your loyal Wizard 101 fans."


M.W.S said...

That letter really sounds good! Count me in! Honestly, ---- all the terrible stunners in PvP...

Cool layout for your blog..!


Kevin BattleBlood said...

Thank you for starting this, Valerian. Scenarios like this are the reason why I slowly stopped playing 4v4 as often, on either of my grands.

We truly need KingsIsle to start raising the Pip Cost for area stuns to help prevent consecutive loops of immobilization, specifically on Blinding Light and Choke.

My2Cents said...

Me 3!!! Lost over 100 rank points from that :( I'm not such a bad duelist!!!

Adi said...

I have an idea: Make all stun spells come with a stun block right after them like Freeze (Ice, 70%, Enrollment quest) so you can't chain stun. So for example: You cast a Blinding Light. It stuns everyone for a round but gives them stun blocks too so you would need to cast 2 more stuns in order to stun once.