Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celestia leaks

A Central member posted about a Beckett magazine article that explains the story line behind Celestia and how we are to get there and a lot of blogs have re-buzzed that same post. I know, I know :( you want to read about the cool new stuff here. In my defense I sent an interview proposal to KingIsle asking them virtually all of the same questions and the interview was not granted. Perhaps because they were simultaneously releasing to Beckett and wanted to do that first or perhaps because they don't want just anyone asking questions and spoiling the secrets of the game. Either way it seems we're stuck with speculation and trolling the net for clues.

After a number of people quoted from the post on Central which posted about the Beckett article I didn't want to very well copy what they had done so I'll refer you to the original post for that.

Here's my original interview for KingIsle I hoped would be answered on your behalf. Next time I promise I'll make a cardboard sign that says: "Will work for answers" and I'll stand on the street corner until someone stops and answers my questions. (Hopefully the scrubbing and lawn mowing will be minimal.)

So I'm going to go ahead and answer my own questions... via an interview with myself.


So, Vale. Thanks for taking the time to interview with us at Valerian's School.

"Np, dude. I always do my best to make my fans happy. Life with unanswered questions is like an oreo without the creamy filling and I don't want you to have to go wandering the spiral all by yourself looking for the answers to life the universe and everything."

So what is the answer to life the universe and everything?
"42 of course. You should know that! Maybe you'd better ask me specifics about Celestia since that's what everyone wants to know."

Do you have to be done GH to get to Celestia?
"Well, I'd like to answer that but then people might actually finish GH and it's a rite of passage for all wizards to start but not finish it I think. You have to have at least one of your wizards in the Vigrid Roughlands or you're not with the in-crowd. But farming the ravens is fun and profitable so maybe you should think about finishing it some day."

Hmm. Vale, Will Celestia prep quests include all worlds like the obscidian chest quest did?
(Will Brisk Breeze tower or Knowledge Keepers tower be part of the required quests?)

"What a good question Vale. Hmm, from what I've read in Beckett, the source of all good scoups on Wizard Info... (no I don't get paid for saying that) Signs point to yes but it sounds like mostly the wonderful world of Marleybone, you know, everyone's favorite. Personally, I'm still having nightmares about Kensington but that's beside the point."

Valerian, will those that have done GH already miss out on XP from GH versus those who have yet to complete GH after the level cap is raised?
"'Undoubtedly', wait, let me shake the 8ball again. 'The answer is unclear, try again'. Shaking... 'Not likely'. Clear enough? Let's move on. Next question."

Will Grand Masters be given credit in the form of a stat (accuracy, training point, spell to use power pip with other school spell) or title to indicate their age in wizard years?
"Another excellent question Vale. I'm quite sure we didn't think of that yet in the context in which you are thinking of it. Let me be perfectly clear... when I set out to answer this question I wanted to to be clear with the people. You have to know what you are about to do and set your mind to it and just do what's right. That's what I set out to do, that's what the people expect and that's what I'm going to do. And we intend to put some reasonable regulations around that problem and solve it once and for all with a solution everyone is happy with and at a time when it makes the most sense to do so. So be expecting something to happen at a time that's appropriate with a solution that solves the basic issues that lead to this problem in a way that is fair and equitable for all involved even if it's not everything you want, or conversely maybe more than what you're looking for. If you look at what we're working with you'll be pleased with the outcome."

Wow, ok...? I forsee a political career in your future.

Moving on... Vale, is the list of possible pet attributes inherited randomly in a mix, if not, is there a way to nudge the outcome toward one species/attribute or another?

"Thanks for posing an easier question. That's for me to know and for you to find out. Nuff said..."

Ooooo K?
Is there anything you can do to nudge your pet toward unlocking an ultra-rare talent?

"Another great question. It would seem that way, but you'll have to do more testing and find out yourself after using up all your carefully farmed and purchased pet snacks. Why are you trying to get me to give you answers to things that you could figure out for yourself by playing in the pet pavilion another 500 hours? Wow, you're a lazy one aren't you?"

Well, yes, actually, but... anyway, let's get on with the interview:
Can you give our readers an idea of what the Astral schools will offer?
Are they fully independent lines of spell schools or are they suplimentary to the existing schools?


But our readers want to know something more specific than that...
"Buy a magazine about Pokemon for more info on Wizard101.  If you build it, they will come.  Exterminate, exterminate... When in doubt use fire elf.  Darmock and Gilaad at Tenagra. If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer. I reject your reality and substitute my own. Wax on wax off..."

I'll skip the next question on my list which was: "Are you totally insane," and move on to the next one.
Are there any undiscovered instances or towers that you think nobody knows about yet that are live on the system? If there is you don't need to give away the secret of where but inquiring minds want to know!

"Well many people don't know about the knowledge keepers tower. But seriously, what kind of question is that? After you have finished every quest and tried every doorway after raising every flag, tipping over all milk bottles and otherwise doing everything humanly possible to offend every possible boss in the spiral then I'll answer your question."

Well Valerian, thanks for the interview... I guess.
"No problem Vale. Always happy to give curious minds of Valerian's School some teaser info to chew on."

LOL. Did you get as much out of that as I did? :D
To help you get a little more here's the post on central detailing the article in Beckett mag. post on central
Come back soon. Hopefully we'll learn something eventually.



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An interview with yourself? I think that you would like this website:

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Hilarious.... I love the format and found it Most engaging and Informative. Who say's talking to yourself if for crazy people and cat ladies? :D Alexis Jadeheart