Monday, June 28, 2010

Test Realm is out!!!! (Thanks Cody Skyrider for the ultimate scoup)

Check out the test realm for *royal trumpet chorus* Celestia!  Go see Mr Balestrom!

*double royal trumpet chorus* Chain stun fix! (when stunned you will get 4 stun shields) TAKE THAT CHAINERS!  Some wizards will have to relearn how to pvp and re-earn their ranks.  I LOVE IT!  SEE YOU IN ARENA!

Crafters will be able to get recipe for GH house!

You can now kick people out of your house! (fun fun!)

Grand pets will again be given power pip talent at some point in their growing up.

DS has been made way wimpier in many respects.  Which i guess makes it faster to get to Celestia but those of us old time wiz earned our stripes the hard way.

New "beast master" clothing to increase pet energy.

Pets will like their school snacks more regularly.  Tomato (sorry you are not a fruit atm).

Death minions get new spells!


Adi said...

I saw someone in the Test Realm today. They were named Valerian Nightbringer. I asked them if they were you and they said yes. Were they you? (It was right outside the Grand Arena) I can post a screenshot of it if you want.

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Yep, that was me. I was trying to find my way around. I'm glad you found it too :) Sure post the pic. Or you can email it to inetsuperman @ yahoo

Adi said...

That is a link to the picture. I didn't see you, so I couldn't tell if it was you, but I saw you in the chat log so I asked.

I can't believe I actually "saw" you!