Thursday, June 17, 2010

Minor Game Bugs

I've noticed lately that some spells that used to work or never worked have some issues. They're not show stoppers but I just want to pass along a fix request on behalf of my readers.

Elemental trap no longer picks up when you convert to fire from ice.

The cloak spell enhancement produces a spell that appears to cast but does nothing but sit there and look mysterious. (doesn't seem to matter which item, blade or shield)

Crafted balance blades etc, no longer work.


shadowfist said...

Can't read your blog these days, man -dark text on dark background. I had to mouse around blindly waiting for the "comment" link to highlight before I could post this.


Well hopefully this will all be fixed up to the time when Celestia arrives on test and yea many of us will be so busy checking out the new features that KI will prob have enough time to fix all this bugs! Still is quite depressing knowing they are still so many bugs unfixed is a big game not easy to have it a 100% perfect!