Friday, June 25, 2010

Wizard101 Ideas

I had two ideas I wanted to pass on.

1) What if Wizards could build their own tower in part of their home staffed with bosses of their choosing and equivalent drops to the rank of the boss as to what they'd get elsewhere.  So every home could potentially be a unique farming experience and you'd have the fun of inviting others over to enjoy a round of fun at your place.

2) What if there was an iphone app that would let you connect with chat on the game as if you were logged in.  You could chat with your buddies on the game even when you were traveling as if you were on the game.  The app could use the web service for friend list and chat.  This would extend the game into the social networking arena, transcending normal mmorpg.

My 2 cents,

Valerian Nightbringer

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M.W.S said...

That would be AWESOME! You know I think most of your ideas are awesome anyway! lol