Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celestia Sneak Peek Part 2

image courtesy of Ravenwood radio
Scoop by Cody Skyrider (we just might start calling him "Scoop" for short)

Ravenwood Radio and Massively got an interview with King Isle. You can read more here: and

The next big bad guy *ahem* girl... in the game is Morganthe. One can see a Arthurian reference in there.  She has a history with Ambrose that will be revealed as time passes.

Three new schools of magic will be made available.  They will be more subltle than damage related.  Here I'll have to cut to my self-interview from a few days back and answer my question once and for all:

Vale, so will the new schools be unique or add schools? 
"Well, Vale, they will be self contained schools like new elements so where you had storm, ice, fire etc these are other 'elements' which have their own spells."

It looks like our very first request on Valerian's School is being addressed!  Bigger friend lists!  WOOT!

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That's great news!