Tuesday, June 15, 2010

School's In Session

In honor of summer school at Valerian's School we are holding a contest. Post your ideas for Wizard101. Each week we'll post the top ideas and let you vote on them.

The prizes are to be determined but I think we can find something interesting to give away. The ideas will be forwarded to Wizard101. Who knows maybe your idea will be the next one to make it into the game.

I'd like to propose two of my ideas which are not part of the contest...

1) A death school spell that a death wizard casts on themselves. It could be called "the black spot". For the next round if anyone on the opposing team kills you, they die instead, no matter how much health or shielding they have.

2) An ice school spell that freezes a player like the opening part of the frost bite spell and places a ice trap on them. They stay frozen for one turn. If a hard hitting ice spell is used while they're frozen it cracks any shields they have and does full damage.

Anyway these are just some ideas to get you started on your own.

Valerian Nighbringer

p.s. If you hate getting chain stunned in arena please comment on our Arena 4v4 post below.


MysteryJellyfish said...

Myth Spell: Medusa

While wizards shield the eyes, monsters look, turn into stone, and can't cast for 2 rounds.
Hit: 545-670 damage

-Amber StarGem

Sean Emeraldweaver said...

Oh I got plenty! How about... Voice chat for players 18+ and then an accuracy bubble for storm. and finally! a recipe for a pet energy elixer.

Anonymous said...

hey you should remember me i always used to post comments on here. i need your help i am trying to make a party to celebrate how succesful Wizard101 is. so we can talk more meet me pixie area 1 in unicorn way by the huge unicorn statue on June 18 at 6:30pm ET.
Chase Jadegem lvl 42 life

T.S.S. said...

A storm school spell that does 1000-1100 damage on one enemy, then removes the last negative charm placed on all friends.

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Chase, I get a lot of requests for meetings, and in fairness, since I can't make online to meet everyone I probably shouldn't agree to online meetings generally unless it's a group thing. But perhaps we should plan a group meeting.

Gallifreyan Witch said...

I've got a few ideas I'd love to have added to the game

1. The ability to make potions. you could have a cauldron instead of a crafting bench. It would be nice if you could make some of the potions seen in the crown shop - XP potions, Health and Mana Potions, transformation potions and those sort of things. You could also have a new form of xp but to do with potion making - the more xp, the more options possible to make and the more effective the potions are. you could also sell or trade potions.

2. The ability to use furniture a bit more - currently furnitures just sits around in you castle doing nothing - it would be nice if you could interact/use it. Using beds might help speed up healing or something and it would be nice to be able to sit in chairs and chat when friends are over

3. A mirror spell. though I don't know what school it could be for, you could have them reflect all spells or just spells from certain schools. The trick with them would be to put a prism on the opponent casting the spell, because
the reflected spell would keep it's enlightenment and would otherwise be greatly resisted by the opponent. The great thing with this spell is that it not only causes harm to your opponent with out you doing much, but it would also help protect you for one round.

Gallifreyan Witch said...

Sorry, I meant to include this in my ;last post but forgot.

4. It would be useful if pets experience increased with battles or time (eg. 2 points per day) because at the moment the only real way to age them is through the pet games, which although very good, take a long time and lots of practice to have effect. This means it takes ages to age them to adults, so you can't really experiment with different pet combinations easily or quickly.

Gallifreyan Witch said...

Hi, sorry ... even more ideas have popped into my head...

5. When I first started the game for the very first time and choose the appearance (face features, hair colour and style, etc) of my character I was unaware that it couldn't be changed later on (accept through wearing different hats). It would be cool to have an in-game mirror that enabled you to change some of those features if you wanted to, and if there were a wider range some people might change them for special occasions, like party's and celebrations.

6. Expanding on my previous idea for usable furniture, it would be cool if you could actually 'use' the wardrobes to store clothes and stuff. It could simply be another point of access for the storage chest, or it could be a separate special store associated with only that castle

hopefully that's everything I can think of and I won't have to do an extra post again...

Gallifreyan Witch said...

Yet again, another post with more ideas! If only there was an edit button - I hate having to do so many posts, so once again, sorry.

7. A post office. Leave messages or send gifts of items or money for other players on your friend list.

8. A bank. open a bank account and save money (and possibly gain interest) or, for a small fee, leave extra items/clothing in a safe. For both have the option of a private account or a general account (for all characters on your account).

9. A place to donate to / get free items from. Place a limit on what can be withdrawn per day. Help new players or those who have little money. Better and more helpful than the option to 'discard' items. Some items get put in by players, and a few small special things automatically. Items received randomly or have the option to 'wish' for a certain type of item.

christopher shadowstalker said...

Volcanic Eruption

250-450 damage to all enemies that aren't fire
cost 5 pips

Mischevious Wonder
allows you to control your opponents turn for the next three turns
cost is 4 pips

miracle grow
can trap all enemies and do 150 -250 damage per turn and doesn't allow enemies to move
cost 4 pips ,only for life

pip squeak
steal all of your opponents pips
cost 0 pips

Anonymous said...

I like minions so I'm doing minion spells.

Minion Swap
Take a minion from your side and trade it for a minion on the other side.
Cost 3 pips, you get it when you get a minion

Macho Minion
Give your minion 95 more health.
Cost 3 pips

Strong Servant
Every spell on your minion will be increased by 10 tough
Cost 4 pips

Life Elf
Life Elf is like the Fire Elf. 55 tough points, 215 over time.
Cost 3 pips, Life

Nicholas Spirithand lvl 25 life