Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chain stun fix is up in test realm

The day we've all waited for has arrived.  (can you tell I'm excited?)

Stun Lord, Stun Giant and more importantly the various stun alls are now throwing 4 stun shields!  The small downside is that they come off with quake BUT, I'll take anything over what it was!

I dearly hope that addition appears in regular realm soon!

A bummer is that pet hatching in test is limited to one a day.  That's probably fine in regular realm but a bummer in test because you want to hatch and check mixes before the test gets reset.  I mixed a magma colossus and a earthwalker (61 and 58 pedigree) and got a magma colossus that seems identical in all ways other than it's talents are lower than it's parent colossus and it's pet derby skills are maybe 1 epic talent better.  It's pedigree however is only 58.  So far it seems a clone of it's dad :(  I'll have to get lucky in the mix next time i'm hoping.  I'd dearly love to test multiple hatches of the same mix to see what can happen.



M.W.S said...

That's great news Vale! Hopefully we'll see better results from hatching itf (in the future)can't wait for chain stun fix to pop up in live!

M.W.S said...

Also experimentalist check this out: any contribution would be appreciated! :D

Adi said...

Yes! I just tried it with choke and there are 4 stun shields!

Anonymous said...

BTW, the stuns don't go off from earthquake anymore. Many people plaqe me but I don't see them come off... :D (Which is great!)