Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prequests But Not Celestia, Boss Tips

So my hopes were dashed upon completion of the Celestia pre-quests. 

I hoped that perhaps the GH guy's quest would shed some light on the subject.  But after doing his "quests" there was the sound of nothing.  The only thing I have to say about that is 'If a person starts a useless quest, is it actually ever finished?'

Celestia Pre Quests:

1) Talk to Balestrom first
2) When you look for bosses in each place (quest helper doesn't work for them) look near to the entrance. Open your map and you'll find they're close by.  Hang a left in the Dejeserit tomb to find the first guy, Hang a right on the Village of Sorrow, hang a right on the in the Crucible to find the boss near-ish the entrance.  And in Marley when you're facing the museum entrance I think the warehouse is off to the right just a little way. (watch for the crowds... won't be hard to spot)
3) Fighting in the tower
What was kind of fun was the boss tower at the end of the GH quests.  There are some important tips that help with that.  You need to nuke the minions as close to in order as you can, starting with the one on the key.  They get REALLY testy if you hit them and don't kill them.  From the middle boss you can expect to get quaked almost immediately so hold on to your blades for a turn.  You'll also get hit with a storm lord and a frosty for sure so pack a chance of lightening and snow.

For the last boss killing the minions again in order starting from Key (immediately to right of boss) and moving to the right seems to help.  Also super awesomely fun was beguiling the boss.  His minions nuked him multiple times with various spells including dragon and we had time to buff and clean up.  I hear you shouldn't trap but who knows, some of the info on central did not pan out and I didn't try to trap but just bladed and kept hitting.  In any case if you're going through with death or ice you're probably golden.  Storm should be fine if you buff very very very quickly.  Myth probably needs a strong team to go in with.

Arena Chaining
Another sadness was discovering the arena fix is not yet implemented.  A storm wizard quickly informed me that double-single lords are still working so too are the fire stun alls.  I did a quick one vs one with him and tested ice stun and fire stun on him.  Sure enough only one stun shield appeared and went away again with the second stun. 

Pet Hatching
Pets are still DANG expensive to hatch.  100K plus gold for a high pedigree pet.  Fortunately they gave everyone tons of virtual crowns to buy gold with.  However, another frustating development was that after hatching one pet I could not hatch another to save my life.  No expanation was given only exiting the hatching booth without seeing the little success notice about the egg.  Sure enough a quick check of my gold showed that it hadn't been used.  Bank was empty of new eggs.  :(  I even tried trading my egg to my noob and tried again with no luck.  I still have another 11 hours to wait to see if maybe the first egg hatching was preventing me from hatching another.  I'd hoped to hatch a second before some reset blows away all that work.

On an High Note
The crafted GH house ROCKS!!! Woot!
I'll post pics of it tomorrow but you can get a sneak peak from the crafting guy and do a tour of it by clicking the Preview button.

Log in, check out the funness and post your warehouse tower stories.

Valerian Nightbringer


axel1547 said...

when gh got only like a few months and the test realm came again i said to the bug thing in ideas to gh houses and it actually worked now i putted for cheaper pet hatching cause man is really expensive for one pet

M.W.S said...

A new tower? Hmm, I've heard folks talk about that-I've been much too busy myself-irl (MOM!)That seems cool that makes me sad that the stun shields aren't appearing as 4 for the combat area. I(

Lail Deathspear said...

What do you mean in the GH house, "Crafted house"?
I dont get that!