Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Gobbler Giveaway Winners and Prizes

The following users have won the Great Gobbler Giveaway

Jared Frostbreeze
- For having WAY more posts than anyone else

Heather Raven
- Good tip

- Good tip

Kestrel Shadowthistle
- Good tip

- New subscriber

Consolation prizes (codes for miscellaneous things) are being awarded to:
Jordan L
- Good tip

Macaroni Man
- best follower profile picture

Winners: Please post a comment including your email address. I will intercept the posts and verify your username and email you your codes.

p.s. I had originally intended to have our readers vote on the best tip however we ended up having enough gobblers for most of the good tips that came in and and we were running behind schedule on settling the winners so I took the top prolific tippers and made the executive decision. Jared had the most overall tip submissions and most posts so he covered his bases! :) Good work Jared!

An honorary Gobbler pet is being awarded to Megan who noted in her friend interview from a long time ago noted that she hoped pets would be able to run around in our homes. Well, sometimes awesome ideas do come true! Be the next person to get your idea into the game by posting a comment or thought. If KingIsle puts your idea into the game I'll personally request a special reward for you! Keep up the good work readers. :)


axel1547 said...

well me gave an idea to make an gh castle themed like the place inmirkholm keep the wolf cave in the another one raven themed like and an bear like little northguard

dakota silverbane said...

this has nothing to do with the post, but i own a blog too, and it's not going well. do you think you can help me a bit? i dont have the ability to get the news like you do on your posts and i only now four people that currently even look at my blog. i have a page for it on facebook, plus i have an e-mail, youtube, twitter, and facebook accounts for my character and yet no one really cares.