Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some buddies have created a site to track unlocked pet talents.

I noticed something the other day after having to grow my colossus up over and over again.  No matter what games I played and what I fed him he ended up learning 2% ice accuracy.  Hmmm...

Can anyone else confirm that the skills you teach them don't affect what they learn?

Valerian Nightbringer


M.W.S said...

I would like you to check out the posts on my blog that involves my Hydra pet. His talents have been great! More than half way for Epic! 5% Balance Accuracy and 8% Balance Resist! I think when I hit Epic the final talent will be my attack power and I might end up with 42% due to my current gear.

Sierra Starsong said...

I doubt you can control which skills they develop, but some of the talents (not all of them) do get stronger as the pet's stats increase. My Lucky Leprechaun started as a teen with Pip o'Plenty at +1% (which he had before the pet update), halfway between adult & ancient I've got it up to +3%.