Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mystery Update Tonight

A long Wizard101 update is taking place tonight to add new SUPER pet snacks and new crown gear.

Cody Skyrider is predicting (and he was right last time) that the Celestia Pre-quests will come out in the huge update tonight. I hope he's right. If so, my expectations are that they will have us do Brisk Breeze tower, maybe knowledge keepers, probably finish GH.

See you on tomorrow morning :)


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Michael said...

I wonder what exactly they're doing?

axel1547 said...

it didnt happened :( well at least i will hatch wit my friend an crabling that gives water elemental and get seraph too if you want to no how to get this spets email me ok

The Sorceress said...

If you read the Ravenwood Bulletin it said the Celestia pre-quests will be released in late-June to early-July.

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Thanks, I read the bulletin however I was comparing the time the update would take versus the pet release. Given the fact that the pet release was left a mystery (billed as maintenance) Cody speculated and I hoped that perhaps this latest update was something to do with the Late June release of Celestia.