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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friends and Wizard101

Deep thoughts on a sunday night.

I just got de-friended by two long time friends at the same time. One has been my friend for more than 25 levels (nearly a quarter century in wizard years). I was being too demanding, allowed hurt feelings to get in the way and lost a friendship that I valued and would have given some 25 others to keep.

Being overly sentimental by nature, I took this picture while still hoping my friend would talk to me in person.

For those of you who've been through similar things I want to acknowledge that just because it's virtual doesn't mean it's not painful.

~ Vale

To make your own wallpaper from any image on this blog, click the image to load it fully as a large image, then right-click and set it as wallpaper using the right-click menu.

Another Free Wizard101 Code

To get a necklace for a moderate to low level character try:

I also found some other codes which seem to be duplicates of the others and or old codes that no longer work but you can try them.

Virtual Family in a Virtual World

How do you bring up this kinda topic without diving into the deep waters of virtual reality.

It was a few months ago when my IRL (in real life) family adopted our first virtual daughter Jasmine. Now after a few months, she has her own place and own adventures and a huge group of friends. Recently Jasmine adopted a virutal daughter of her own by the name of Scarlet. I had known about our new, um, grand daughter for about an hour when she announced she was getting married. I wonder when they will have virtual kids.

I may be the first virtual great great grandpa on Wizard101.

Good thing my staff doubles as a cane.


Life Wizards Getting Stuck On Oakheart Quest

I've found a number of my life friends getting stuck when they get their quest to see Oakheart. They go to see him and the light's on but nobody's home. A friend of mine Suri Spiritcaller recently got stuck on this as well and found the answer online. I'm going to post her solution as she sent it to me as it is pretty involved.

Thanks Gabbi!

Oakheart Side Quests
This is a guide about the Oakheart side quest in MooShu.

You have to complete this in a certain order for it to work.

First you need to complete Mossback's quests in order.

(Cave of Solitude) Quest: Collect 6 rocks from Corrupted Earth Spirit

(Kishibe Village) Quest: Defeat 10 Diseased Water Elementals at Shirataki Temple

(Shoshun Village) Quest: Defeat and talk to Great River Spirit

(Ancient Burial Grounds) Quest: Collect 10 Corrupted Earth (Can only be found outside the houses in the Burial Grounds); Defeat Crazed Forest Spirit. After you do those quests for Mossback, go to the Village of Sorrow and talk to Wavebringer.

(Village of Sorrow) Quest: Collect 10 Tainted Bark from Befouled Woodwalker. Defeat and talk to Oakheart. Go back to Wavebringer. After that, you can go to the Tree of Life instance and do Oakheart's quests.

(The Tree of Life) Quest: Collect 3 Pure Seeds from Kogani Death Crawlers Plant, 3 Fertile Dirt, go back to the Jade Palace and go into the dojo closest to the entrance to Shoshun Village and talk to Oakheart.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New World Coming Out

The new Wizard101 world Grizzleheim is coming out this summer. Initial pictures of it are on the Wizard101 web site here:

It looks like it's going to be more the feel of Mooshu with a bit more fun.

See you all there soon.

~ Valerian

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Codes for Free Stuff on Wizard101

If you search the internet you can find promotional codes posted on Wizard101 message boards for free items.

Because I love my readers, I'm going to pass along the info without making you do the hard work. Afterall you deserve something for reading my blog :)

(these don't work any more but they used to.... if you know of any active codes please post them!)
land = free housing item
frog = 500 free gold
summer dragon = an awesome looking large dragon pet

How to Redeem the Codes:
Go to the
Log in using your username and password.
In the menu under your character name you'll see "Redeem Card or Code". Click on that menu.
A box will pop up with two buttons on it. Click the "Wizard101 Promotional Codes" button.
Enter the code in the box at the bottom and follow the prompts.
If you're in the game, log out and back in again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Treasure Card Making


Treasure card making is a learning experience and requires some patience. When making treasure cards you have to be in battle, so pick a boss that is easy like the ones on Unicorn Way.


You make treasure cards during your card choosing turn.

1) Buy "tough" cards and "keen eyes" cards from the library

2) Fill up your treasure card side board with the toughs and keen eyes

3) Set up your deck with your attack cards and ones you want to make into treasures (basically any cards that aren't already 100% cards)

4) Start a battle with a weak enemy

5) When its your turn to pick cards, right click and discard a couple cards so you have room in your hand to draw a couple tough/keen eyes from your treasure card sideboard

6) Hurry and apply the toughs and keen eyes to the cards you want to be more accurate or stronger

7) Right-Click on the card you just made to send it back to your sideboard

8) Wait for your next turn. When you can no longer draw treasure cards you have to be finished for that round. Either kill your enemy or flee and start over.

Last but not least
When you're done a round of card making, open your deck, click on the treasure cards you made to send them out of your sideboard into your treasure card deck. Then you're ready to trade or use them for yourself :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Treasure Cards a Must for Every Wizard

What are Treasure Cards?
Treasure cards are special cards that have either added strength or accuracy. Treasure cards appear with a gold background so you can tell them apart from the standard cards. Treasure cards are useful in battle and are great for trade with your friends. Treasure cards can help you quickly win a battle and can get you out of difficult situations if you have them properly set up.

Where do you get Treasure Cards?
You buy cards at the library in whatever world you are on. They typically range in price with the better spells being more expensive. I'd recommend though that you stay away from the pacify spells unless you know exactly what you're doing! Multi-strike treasure cards are your best initial investment.

How do you use Treasure Cards?
Treasure cards are special cards that can go in your side-board for drawing during battle. You must remember to fill your side-board with treasure cards in preparation for battle. Just as you have a deck of your school cards you also have a deck of treasure cards that will grow as you win, buy or make new treasure cards. You can draw treasure cards when you discard a card in your current draw (by right clicking the card you want to throw away) then click the draw button. This will pick a random treasure card from your side-board. You can't discard the ones you've dran most recently until the next draw of cards.

Can I Make Treasure Cards?
Yes! Everyone can make treasure cards if you have trained on your own school's spells.
Read up in the next post about how to make treasure cards...