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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friendship Contest Continued and Wiz Fun

Cure for the Common Quest

I was talking to a friend last night and discussing the repetitiveness of some quest lines in Azteca (sorry KI we still love you) where you have to defeat and collect from the same group of bad guys many many many times over.  Usually to collect you have to do between 4 and 8 battles.  For me one of my favorite areas was Krockotopia and of course Wizard City.  The two areas I think about specifically was the Hall of Champions which was very challenging at the time and also Nightside in Wizard City.  Those areas could be tricky to beat and require skilled friends to help you through.

We talked about some of the more fun and memorable things which pretty much always involved glitches.  I loved the invisibility glitch, the stacking glitch, the running in the sky glitch and yes, even the gardening glitch.  I think it would be cool to have some oddities and see what endless human creativity can do to it.  A little chaos in the system if you will.

I still think it would be cool to have a battle area where you maybe pick up random bad guys from different schools or have to puzzle your way across an area with traps that send you back defeated if you mess up, or where you need to use your stacking skills to construct a bridge over some dangerous spot.  Or there's always the idea that keeps coming back to me of having a dueling street where other players are randomly pitted against you in dueling style match-up. 

I am loving the new cards and spells though!  And I'll probably love the new clothes if I can get my wiz high enough in crafting to make it.

Friendship Contest

Don't forget to join the contest a couple posts below.  If the javascript contest widget doesn't pop up right away just wait a moment and it will probably show.  If not, you may need to enable javascript on your browser.  (don't worry, it's safe)
See you around the spiral.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keep your contest entries coming in

Friendship Festival

We're half way done the Friendship Festival contest.  We're loving the stories so keep them coming for big points.  JOIN OR ENTER IN THE POST BELOW!

Writing Fun

This past week I was writing a couple first chapters for a writing contest as well. It was pretty tough.  Rowan beat it up pretty bad and I fixed it with a lot of effort but the story itself was pretty good so it survived the trip to the story-hospital.  There's little better when writing than a good critique partner who is willing to be tough on you without being mean --sometimes as the writer it's hard to know the difference but you have to have a tough skin to accept the help and not get defensive.

Independant Writer's Online Conference

Anyway, I thought I'd mention that Rowan has a conference for writers who are thinking about self publishing.  It's called IndieReCon  There is a ton of material going up starting the 19th and going through the 21st.  It will be packed with Q&A chats, helpful articles and stuff about how to self publish, how to market yourself and how to get started.  These are some major authors and they're breaking new ground in the publishing market.  So kick back in your PJs and surf around the site or join the sessions and live chats for some mega useful info.

Grubb Guardian Tough for Ice**On a totally different subject... have you ever tried Grubb Guardian using an Ice pet?  Wow, talk about tough!  Usually the best luck I have is upgrading a myth guy all the way and then adding as many as I can and upgrading them to frog or better.  Usually I add an ice guardian or two to slow the bad guys down.  If bad guys are still breaking through then you might need to add a fire or other guardian.  But there are some levels that are nearly impossible with a non-upgraded Ice pet.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friendship Festival Contest

Please enter the Fan Fiction Friendship Festival February Fourty-item Giveaway by writing some fan fiction or tweeting some writerly stuff as long as you put the blog name or URL in the Tweet.

If you have problems with the contest widget not showing you may have javascript turned off.  For that the easiest thing might be to try a different browser or get some help from a tech savvy friend.

Fan Fiction Friendship Festival February Fourty-item Giveaway

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wizard101 Friendship Festival Begins!

February first marks the beginning of the Wizard101 friendship festival.  It's a party and a contest all rolled into one.

We will be giving away TRex, Scarydactyl, Winter Treant, Phoenix, Malorian Dragon, Hyrda, Great Hornocerous, and last but not least ... Blood Raven.

I will post the contest rules in just a few hours so stay tuned!

We will do both a random drawing and maybe something else fun.

Also if you are an artist please let me know.  Rowan needs someone to draw art for her books from time to time and she's been looking for an awesome Ygdrysl (sp??) World Tree for her new novella in the Desolation series.  And she also does scifi so space ships are needed at times.  So if you want to show off send along some art and I'll pass them along.

I think I have an great idea for the new contest!  I feel a fan fiction theme coming on...

Contesty-goodness is brewing!  See you tomorrow for the details.