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Friday, February 1, 2013

Wizard101 Friendship Festival Begins!

February first marks the beginning of the Wizard101 friendship festival.  It's a party and a contest all rolled into one.

We will be giving away TRex, Scarydactyl, Winter Treant, Phoenix, Malorian Dragon, Hyrda, Great Hornocerous, and last but not least ... Blood Raven.

I will post the contest rules in just a few hours so stay tuned!

We will do both a random drawing and maybe something else fun.

Also if you are an artist please let me know.  Rowan needs someone to draw art for her books from time to time and she's been looking for an awesome Ygdrysl (sp??) World Tree for her new novella in the Desolation series.  And she also does scifi so space ships are needed at times.  So if you want to show off send along some art and I'll pass them along.

I think I have an great idea for the new contest!  I feel a fan fiction theme coming on...

Contesty-goodness is brewing!  See you tomorrow for the details.


1 comment:

bigx00 said...

Yay!!!! Thx for the contest,