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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pet for long-time Wizards

Wizard101 is sending out a major thank-you to LONG TIME players in the form of a new rare pet.  What does it look like you ask?  Something like this!
So if you're a long timer... check your email. 



Sunday, November 27, 2011

My conversation with Morganthe

It's not so much that I oppose you but I really need the XP!

 I told Ambrose he should have added a school locker combination lock! Those things never open on the first try. 

Big deal. I think I have about 5 of those in my bank.

Well, maybe you're getting closer to being a match for me then!

 Snack?  I'm more like a happy meal... I hate spiders but squishing them is what I do best.

 Hear the horn?  Just send a text it's easier and you can send little frowny faces with your evil messages.

A thousand wild bolts and leviathin later... victory!
Why do rhymes always go with evil plans and not with good plans?  I'll think one up, just give me a minute...  Like to hear it?  Here it is: "Ice team will form, frost will fall, Morganthe will get pwned and give lots of XP for all..."  Yeah!  That's my un-evil plan rhyme.

~ So Morganthe becomes super powerful after getting her deck of shadows.  It seems to me that she is inferring our next encounter will have something to do with Darkside.  I guess we can't be certain but it might make sense that she would try to attack Wizard City by way of Darkside. 

What is your theory about how Morganthe will return?  In a new world or in an existing one?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Finishing Zafaria

A couple friends were kind enough to give me a trip to the end of Zafaria on a private safari if you will...  We got a video of the drum puzzle at the Elephant Graveyard.  It's tricky so you might want to check it out before you spend too much time.
After that we went to the final instance to chase down Morganthe who seems pretty shy about facing us for some reason.  Ultimately her minions are quite the pain... first a set of ice minions then a set of storm with around 10,000 health give or take a little.  They get good power pips and throw some big spells.  Not to mention they will really pick on a person especially if their health is low.  You can generally redirect them if another person hits but beware giving them too much time to focus on one person.  We took some crit bolts and some tritons and leviathins.

I got some video of some of the battle and the final scene cut with Morganthe.  It's pretty short but lets us know that she's perhaps growing more powerful than ever.  (not good)
Anyway, I'll try to post those up as soon as I can get Youtube to convert them.  If not I can host them on one of my sites. 
There is big XP to be had in the final battles!  Be sure to pop an XP elixir and go have some leveling fun.  I didn't use an elixir but leveled twice!  It's good to have buddies who have lots of time on their hands!  (A hand-up is always appreciated)

See you around!

ps: Here is the location of the first Monkey in Zafaria.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rumor has it new world is being released in the morning!

I've heard it now from several reliable sources (Suri, Duncan, and Fallon and Wizard 101's book of faces... facebook) that the new world is being released in the morning.  KI does like their Friday releases!

If only I had enough warning to take the day off to celebrate!

See you in Zafaria tomorrow!
~ Vale

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Party Launch

We got together at Suri's house last night for the book launch.  We gave away some pets and customizeable signs and a book!  Rowan Watertamer (Ali Cross) did an intro to her book and did a reading from it.  We also did some impromptu duels at Suri's arena.

I recorded a video but it turned out slightly too long to play so I'm posting some pictures instead. 

If you like young adult paranormal fiction why not go check it out?  Personally, Ali's writing is engaging and immersive. She writes great action and has put out the first book in a series that is intense and will keep you reading.

If you have an amazing "first" in a virtual world, be sure to contact us to help you pull it off!

~ Vale

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another first for our blog!

To check out more about the book Become and attend the online launch party and our wizard launch party go check out this YA/A thrill-ride on:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting ready for Zafaria

For those that are not yet done Celestia you might want to get a move on!  To get into Zafaria you need to be done the Trial of the Spheres in order to unlock the new world.  So for those of you grinding through the Science Center or the Crustacean Empire (less frustrating than the Science Center)... you are almost done!  Don't give up!  Organize a questing party with your friends and finish up.

See you there!
Here are some pictures from my last tour there :)


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Zafaria coverage Day 3.

Welcome to zafaria day three! Lot's more has been found, but like yesterday, today is about spells.

Today we have the last of the spells!

I can't help but be sad by the death one.

it does around 825 to a single enemy and convert. thats all. not really much.

This is a pic of chimera,

310 damage of life death and myth to a single enemy.

I'm still waiting for a video of basillisk, to see what it's really like, but hopefully coming soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Zafaria Coverage Day 2

Hey guys! This is day two of zafaria test and we have some spell pics!

More coming soon!

We're still missing exact numbers on the death spell, the katzenstein type one, but it looks good. also, missing balance spell stats.

We have seen myth spell, but I Havent got a pic of it yet.

We also have 2 new astral spells:

Mend; +20% heal

Berzerk; +40 outgoing heal +30 ingoing heal.

I hope you guys have fun in Zafaria! Keep testing!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New world Zafaria and new spells!

By Cody Scoop Writer

Wizard101 has given IGN a spoiler video showing the new world zafaria and new spells!

Here's my guess on names and effect.

Balance: Chimera (Spirit Hydra.)

Fire: Volcano (Huge damage to all enemies or to one.)

Ice: Stampede (Big damage to all enemies or to one.)

Storm: Frankenstein (HUGE damage to one.)

Myth: Basilisk (DoT to all or to one.)

Life: Gnome Attack (damage to one, or all.)

Death: Not spoilered? WHAT?

Massively Zafaria
MOG Zafaria
MMORPG Zafaria