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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pirate101 ?!

Cody Skyrider (Scoop Writer) has started a new blog that will be part of the "school" sites.  It's kinda wild but KingsIsle has a game up that borrows heavily on Wizard101 and takes the worlds and characters into the pirate realm.  Read more about it and the pirate classes and details on


See you there?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is Avalon going up tonight?

The game indicates a long running update tonight and doesn't specify what it is.  Usually if Wizard101 is close to a new world release and the downtime does NOT include the new world they will say.  This time they didn't say it wouldn't be up so...? 

I'm guessing that you'll be well into Avalon by this time tomorrow night.

Hopefully I'll see you there!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ninja Pig Madness

Some of you already know that you can LEARN the ninja pig spell from other schools like Myth etc!!!!!!!!

For those of you that didn't know this you can get it as a drop from fighting Koto and a handful of other bosses for the various types.  (I'll post the list shortly) 

I know Koto is ice but RARELY he drops this little myth gem.  Check it out!  I just noticed in the drops list in the text box it says "you learned ninja pigs".  I was so jazzed especially since I had tried on my ice for 4 days in a row with no luck.  I got him on my death after about 8 rounds of trying.

For those of you working your way through Zafaria you might want to put on the speed so you can be ready to hit Avalon as soon as it comes out!  I'm not sure I'll be able to have my Death guy ready but my Ice wiz is anxiously waiting.

~ Vale

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Crazy new gear!
Wands seem to have shield breaking as well as the usual stuff
Gotta love the bows!

Knight-ly gear

Knights who say Nee?  I'm not sure but wow this is wild.

Storm Triton pet!!
Life gnome pets!
Fire/Life gnome mix
Ice Bone Dragon
Balance/ice woolly mammoth mix
Crazy pet mixes
Nasty looking thing (Ice Baslisk)
An ice Triton hybrid
Fire's Efreet pet.  He still looks mean!
Woolly Mammoth pet (Ice)

Close up of bone dragon pet
Balance Chimera

Square trees?  I guess the gardener is has a lot of time on his hands.

Hello guys and Gals! It's been a LONG time since I've posted, but I've got a worthy scoop I believe. Right here is your center for Avalon info! Let's get into some basic info:

Avalon Is a very big world, and a very beautiful one in my opinion.

You get 4 new utility spells, which I will go over at some point in the near future.(4 new spells per school.)

There are TONS of new gear, and I will be sharing some pics of some of the coolest pieces I've seen.
There are new level 78 pets, and with the help of some AMAZING players I have a list of them, and some of their new hybrids.(Also pictures. YAY!)
Here is my general summary and opinion on the world:
I think that Avalon is a beautiful world, and a good one to add as it goes along with the king Arthur type storyline. I actually have not had the chance to explore this world as I'm still in zafaria, but from what I've seen I think it might need to be made a bit harder. The new spells are great but certain spells need a definite power nerf.The pets are great, but some of the hybrids are a bit bland.
At the current state the world is in I would give it an rating of 8/10.
Things I would like to see in the future that are relate to this world:
1. Mount Jousting.
You heard me, jousting. I think it would be an awesome aspect, but as I have tried to make this noticed before, people have shot it off as another pet type thing, but it really isn't. Yes, you could train your mount, but training it would only help you win jousts, and as you win jousts you get awesome and very good joust themed gear, like the arena gear, but usable outside of the arena, such as cool armor, and lances.

2. Dual wielding

We have seen a lot of dual wielding in the game, and I would LOVE it if we got a shield, or an extra sword or club, even if it was just decoration.
A big thank you to all the amazing wizards that showed they're gear and pets. Special thanks to Courtney Icethistle, Kelsey Dreamweaver, Nicholas for showing me most of the pets and giving me some general information.
- Cody Skyrider
A.K.A Cody scoop writer
See you in Avalon!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Avalon in Test Realm

When you get a chance check out Avalon.  If you're not all the way leveled up then hitch a ride with a friend.  If you are leveled up all the way, go visit Ambrose to start the "This little light of mine" quest line. If you're anything like me that starts my brain's broken mp3 player playing the camp fire song on an infinite loop.

Morganthe is stirring up trouble again and picking on poor Gamma.  Gamma will send you to Avalon to immediately fight storm gremlins.  They're pretty strong health-wise so you'll probably need to go in with several buddies unless you're decked out in crafted ice gear.

Some little known facts about Avalon:
Avalon has 6 major areas and 15 sub areas.
The level cap will be raised up to 80 ( a significant increase)
There are 28 new utility spells that increase or decrease effects of various kinds (I'll explain more very soon)
There are new level 78 pet quests for each school but you need to have done the former pet quests.
Gardening is being expanded up to level 15 with new spells and plants to boot!

Details about spells for various levels:
Level 70 effects spells will allow you to put a convert on all your enemies for 2 pips
Level 72 effects spells deal with stealing or removing blades or placing damage over time spells except balance who gets a game changing spell that can hit you and take 3 pips away.  This spell will probably end 1v1 pvp as we know it.  Death gets a decent spell which adds a minus-heal on all enemies.
Level 75 spells get really interesting...  which I will have to write about more soon! (hang in there)
Level 80 spells are shield breaking blades which could be interesting but I suspect that wizards will generally be dead (in pvp) before they get to apply a decent combination of blades including these shield breakers.  I guess I'll be experimenting on myself to determine that for sure.

Avalon sure looks beautiful.

See you there!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The completed puzzle

Check this out!  I can't wait! WOOT!

The last puzzle piece!!!

Here is the last of the puzzle pieces from Wizard101!  Some of our readers have decided that this new world is Avalon.  (Which I can officially confirm!)

See the other Wizard blogs in the promotional for the rest of the pieces.
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I'll post the full picture shortly.

~ Vale

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Puzzle Piece!!!

I'm between jobs at the moment and just checked my email after writing a huge essay on why a company should pay me a bazillion dollars a year and I found this little piece of the mystery waiting for uploading.  So without further a-do here is the puzzle piece for Tuesday.

These whacky shape pieces always drive me crazy.  I usually end up finding the weirdest shaped part of it and try to match that because it's usually easier to see.

Check out these other sites for the remaining pieces...
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Good Luck! 

p.s.  We did have a winner for the April fools day prize. Swordroll (email addr, not wiz name) was our first entry winner. Turns out it wasn't an April fools joke afterall or at least not on the people that tried for it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Contest

There are a few minutes left until midnight on April 1st!  Respond to this post with a comment including your email address and IF YOU ARE THE VERY FIRST PERSON TO RESPOND I'll mail you a code for the new dragon pet.

Ready, set, GO!

:D Vale