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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Death Deck Setup for Dragonspyre

As you may know, death wizards have an easier time than most in the questing business due to their ability to heal while attacking. The downside of this is that death domes don't boost the tough power on a spell.

Here's a screen cap of my questing deck for my death wizard. Feel free to experiment with your own setup.
How I set up for killing bad guys if I'm alone is:
1st cast) use empower (spell takes 500 health and gives 3 pips)
{this leaves you with 4 pips total, probably 2 power and 1 regular)
2nd cast) spirit blade using your white pip
3rd cast) death blade
4th cast) Scarecrow
{this will give you approximately full health again}

Naturally if you are fighting death bosses you'll need to pack death-to-life converts.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Challenge You To a Duel

I was doing a 3v3 with some low ranked wiz friends and we were matched against 2 storm grands and a balance grand. Within three passes 2 of us were dead from wild bolts. With my death noob dead, and our healer dead our last remaining team member died from a relatively small but well set up tempest. I gave the poor chain bolting storm wiz a hard time and he desperately defended his right to chain bolt with snipered bolts. Having been chain bolted in the match prior I finally had had enough and challenged him to a 1v1 duel. Normally I consider that rude however in this case I was too irritated to let it slide.

After a lot of trash talking on his part and a lot of his friends saying "dude, you're going to so kick his but because he's(me) not even a death grand." We got matched in practice. He let it slip that he'd loaded up on treasure death shields and I accordingly packed lots of poisons. Drawing second cast I was in a spot where I had to shield pretty much contstantly. He hit me with 2 bolts, a triton, two krackens and was trying to bolt again. I finally was able to take off his death shields with a poison and score a couple medium strenth hits on him. I was running very low on shields and frankly he was starting to win. I healed myself for good measure and threw a doom and gloom knowing I'd be done if he healed. His last bolt fizzled and out of a desire to teach him a lesson I bolted him. One try was all it took and he was defeated.

I should have felt guilt or possibly shame for being so forward about confronting what I view as a growing problem, instead I felt remarkably satisfied, my main regret was that I didn't bolt him with every pass to drive home the point.

Ultimately I'm sure my effort will mean nothing, however I do hope for a few small tweaks to arena in general.

1) no snipered bolts
2) arena 5 minute waiting penalty and forfeit of points for chain stunning (same as if fleeing a duel)

With these two small adjustments the only thing for people to complain about would be treasure noobs and let's face it we're all guilty of being treasure noobs. :)

Valerian Nightbringer/David Dragonheart


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Codes, Codes and More Codes

A lot of you have been asking for new codes and I've not found any in longer than I can remember... so I've decided to earn some and pass them along.

I'll post a code to my blog with every post *BUT* it can only be redeemed by 1 person each time. First-come-first-serve so to speak.

So with each post 1, and only 1 person will get the item. So if the code doesn't work for you it means that someone got it before you did. So visit often, k?

Good luck :)


Some one lucky person can redeem the following code:

Congratulations Christina

Congrats go out to Christina who won the crazy picture contest.

This contest will be a regularly recurring one so keep taking pictures of weird stuff you see on the game.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What has happened to arena?

For some time after the advent of the stun shield it became a matter of honor to play fair in arena. Many teams would go out of their way to not stun twice in a row or avoid throwing single-double stun hits so as to give the other team a chance to at least cast one spell. For a time the stun first and keep them stunned cheating was waning and being replaced by teams with some integrity.

Recently that trend has reversed itself again and is as bad as it was before.

My sons begged and begged me to duel with them and finally I broke down and joined them. We'd had a bad experience the time before getting chain stunned and then single doubled (single storm lord, double storm lord to keep the stun going) so I was not eager to jump back into area as you can imagine.

We cobbled together a rag-tag team of noobs and headed to 4v4. Our first and only match for the night was marked by 5 stuns in a row followed by a "power" Stun-Lord (my name for them) We finally had a not stunned round (shocking I know) where myself and another team mate were able to heal a tiny bit. We were then subsequently wild-bolted in the next two passes by an ice wizard.

I guess this last round of non-stunned-ness was too much for the other team and they switched out the ice wizard for a fire and well, you'll see the result. I followed them to their next couple matches where they proceeded to hone their stunning :P technique.

I decided to get them on video as they have become representative of what arena has turned into of late.

Below are two teams that chain stun regularly. In my opinion they are not worthy of wearing the warlord gear. To me that signifies achievement and skill but to them it's the reward for cheating. I hope that this practice will end or that a fix can be made to penalize cheaters such that they have to wait (like fleeing a battle) or they get negative points or something. What is your opinion?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

When Pigs Fly

Cody Skyrider, my son and fellow blogger, Taryn (aka Rowan) my wife and Scarlet (aka Suri) joined me on my death boy (David Dragonheart) for some fun with Jade Oni. I proposed that we kill Jade Oni with a minor strike. Cody was skeptical but was eager for the challenge and the others are used to putting up with my insane ideas and it didn't take any convincing for them to jump in to help.

We stole all the treasure cards we could from our other wizards, cleaned out the bazaar and were still short on some critical setup cards.

We packed 5 layers of traps in and around life2death, death2life converts. After about an hour of stressful setup we were hurriedly trying some last minute steals and yet another treasure blade. In the end a 90-tough minor strike hit 76634!

Cody was ecstatic and it was all worth it just for his reaction. But not only did we deliever a ridiculously hard hit to Jade Oni killing him 15x over with a minor strike but also we saw PIGS FLY!

Yep, Scarlet won the valentines piggle from Jade Oni making it a doubly productive effort.

For your viewing pleasure check out this video.


Jade Oni Hit

Duncan, Scarlet, Ryan and I were playing around with Jade Oni and set up this hit. I was baffled by the fact that the last 2 sets of traps were not used up but afterward we went to Unicorn Way and did extensive research on traps and converts and have discovered the reason for this. I will shortly post a video about how to set up one of these nuclear strikes possibly as high as a million. There is a lot of missinformation out there on how converts are to be used I plan to settle the score once and for all and show you by the numbers how to do the same. With this level of force multiplication you could kill Oni with a minor strike.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crazy Pictures Contest

The Crazy Picture Contest has officially closed. Here are all of the submissions.

Christina Ice Dreamer had our first submission for the crazy picture contest with this Login-Screen epic fail. She has only a head and feet.

And Heather Raven submitted an apparently invisible evil snowman.

Please Vote in the poll on which you think deserves the prize.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Impressed! - Wizardblox -

I've been waiting for some time now for King Isle to impress me with a new world or cool new spell for my guy that's been level 50 for about a year now. But KI surprised me from a totally different persepective.

I happen to be a major iPhone user and it has become my right hand in daily life. If it weren't for my work I'd probably never touch a PC. Sooo... when Wizardblox came along for the iPhone I was eager to try it. I downloaded it from the app-store (free btw) and tried it immediately. Being fairly decent at Wizardblox already on the game I was impressed with a gameplay and easily matched my typical score on the game. Once you have achieved a score of some level ( I haven't figured out yet just how high of a score you need to get) you can redeem the score for items and elixirs. When you get a good score, pick "returning wizard" and log in and you can redeem your prize to your wizard account immediately.

It's one thing to play an iphone game while you're waiting at the doctor's, at the store or waiting to get your hair cut, but short of being actually able to play Wizard101 from your iPhone, this is the next best thing.

Think of it as farming remotely :)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Of Good Buddies and Yard Birds

The other day I was working on GH quests on my death wiz and my friends Shannon, Suri and Duncan came to help. We burned through the quests pretty quickly and I racked up a few bars of XP at 40-320XP per quest. I'm not one to turn up my nose at experience points but WOW a lot of work for so little.

In any event after the questing Duncan and Suri helped me get the Yard Birds (aka Brittish rock band) doing the running to help me find the ones I couldn't. This was a massive favor that will be hard to repay. The yard-birds training point is probably the main reason to finish GH and the secondary reason: the ability to farm the ravens for stuff to sell.

If you ever find yourself working in GH don't be too shy to ask where birds are. If you have super amazing friends perhaps one in the know can help you get the ones you're missing.

If KI ever comes out with a new world, given the ever shrinking nature of the items you're expected to find; I'm betting they'll make the things so small you'll need a magnifying glass then a microscope. Perhaps it will be worth it.

I do sincerely hope that a new world is in the works. I'll do my best to find out from the creators if one is being worked on. I think many of us are saddened by the loss of friends to games such as Warcraft and Aion and even Adventure Quest worlds (lol). For now I thank my lucky stars for awesome friends who are at least for the time being committed to Wizard and grateful for lost and now found friends who have returned like Amanda.

While I'm waiting anxiously for a new world I look forward to enjoying my new training point, using it to vanquish unluckly (but hopefully nice) people in the arena.

See you there,
Valerian Nightbringer


Monday, February 1, 2010

More Bug Pictures

Here are some more buggy pictures that I got screen shots of. (yes pictures you submit should be screen-shots of the game not edited to be sillly but from the game itself)

My horse doesn't like standing in lava... I had actually tried to get a picture of kestrel turning the corner coming from the "Dean's" lair as my screen showed her and her horse up to their necks in lava. (that was pretty cool) I wasn't able to catch it in time so I got this instead.

This one is more subtle... if you are observant you'll notice the horse has no rider. Hmmm.
This one had me ROFL in real life. This poor girl seems to have swallowed her broom. I had to get the picture from a couple angles just to be sure my eyes were working.

Please email some fun in-game pictures of your own. Submissions are almost non-existent at this point and time is running out for those who are hoping for a prize.