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Friday, April 29, 2011

Stuck with no new quest in the test realm?

I had just gotten my new spell in Wizard101's Wintertusk and had no way to find my next quest.  I tried my quest book and there were no quests there!  I talked to all the quest givers that I had recently encountered and still nothing.  Finally a friend suggested I go to Merle Ambrose.  That turned out to be good advice...  He had a quest for me! huzzah!

Anway, the rest is history.  If you get stuck with no means to find a new quest on test realm check with Merle Ambrose.  He can probably help you move along to your next quest.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vognir Runethief quest HELP!

Have you gone to Vognir just to find that he's invisible or you can't even get in the door?  This happened to me.  I tried logging in and out, tried changing realms, tried going back to the commons and porting to a marker.  Nothing worked!

Finally I got distracted by TV (gasp!) I know that never happens when I play Wizard101!

Sooo, after about 10 minutes he just appeared.  I guess kinda like a crafting pick-up that someone else picked it seems like he's kinda fickle about showing up after someone has beaten him.  So if you're in the same boat, just keep trying.

See you in test realm!

CAN YOU BELIEVE COLOSSUS IS 500 NOW?  Finally Ice wiz are going to start using him again.  Mine went unused for about 6 months.  I'm glad he's part of my spell family again.  The awesome fixes and upgrades are making things fresh and fun.  Thanks KI!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wintertusk and Valerian's School Celebration

Wintertusk is out in test realm!!!  See you there!

New school spells are available to try out there.  And there are some killer updates that we've been begging for for quite some time... like how about Quake that doesn't take stun shields off!!!!!  And bolt that can have a chance to backfire?

Check out the new mounts too!  Like Snow Rams among others.  Also check out the new amulets that are available if you don't want to go the second-school route.

And the begging paid off!  We have indeed succeeded in our grovelling.  Wizard101 is providing some incredible swag for our milestone celebration.  But before you get distracted with that let's check out the test realm.  New details are pouring in minute by minute, but if you're like me you'll stop reading and get right to the downloading test realm and playing...

See you online.
Valerian Nightbringer

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pageview Milestone Celebration

Well, since we at Valerian's School are so happy about our major milestone we are going to do all of the things on our survey!

Yes, you will see some major begging on our part asking the Wizard101 team at KingIsle for some swag, and yes, we'll even post a video of Darth Vader doing nunchucks rather than his traditional light-saber!  And I will put Cody in charge of our first Dueling party ever!

Why not pull out all the stops for you guys?  It's about time for the celebration count-down to begin!


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here's the latest email for Mount-a-Palooza!  You don't have long to go before it's done.

Enjoy a week of monumental savings and adventure during Wizard101's Mount-a-palooza!

From April 8-17, get special savings when you purchase mounts, including our four newly debuted Pony mounts and the return of some retired favorites. For these 10 days only, enjoy up to 50% OFF mounts in the Crown Shop to add to your collection. It's an enchanting offer that's exclusively yours when you participate in Mount-a-palooza. Don't miss out!

I know everyone wants the amulets but if you're looking for a good deal on a mount... now would be the time.
See you on the game,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amulets and New Mounts are LIVE!!! and Second School/Arena Thoughts

Many of you probably know that amulets and mounts are now available in the Wizard101 regular realm.  Check the crown shop to see the particulars.

Go to Mr Lincoln in Golem court to buy back your training points should you want to...

Check out the location of this secret trainer for Mutate spells... (click on the picture to make it larger)  If you look carefully you can see the green triangle showing where I am on the map :)  Good luck!

I'm having to reconsider my former recommendations on the "arena" school or Valerian's School for arena.  I think Ice will best better off with Life or Fire as a second.  I think Fire will do well in arena with any school.  Fire totally dominates 1v1 with Efreet.  Myth should probably go with Life as a second school.  I think Storm pretty much needs Life school or possibly Fire as a second.  I'll go so far as to say Life should pick up Death as a second school! And Death should probably go with Life or Myth.  I personally will probably pick Myth as my second for my Death Wizard.  Naturally there will be chainers that pick myth with Storm and Fire so they can chain stun but hopefully that will be rare.

Generally now people don't blade much rather they rely on critical gear and just throw spells until one goes 10x power which happens about 50% of the time now in PVP with the critical gear people like to wear.

Card selection and training point use will be more distributed now with people learning more of one single school as a second which means they have fewer points to spend on Astral schools.  I recommend picking up Conviction among some other carefully considered spells from Astral.

Let me know what school you are choosing as your second!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wintertusk Details

In Wintertusk you will get to meet Grandmother Raven who will offer you help on your new adventures.
High level quest pets will help in your adventures.
An exciting enhancement will be the opportunity to enhance a spell!  So Legendary wizards can grow in strength.  Here's a quote from the producer's letter:
"Balance Wizards, we found some ancient and powerful magic to provide you a new, shiny, and more powerful healing over time spell! Storm Wizards, you’ll find some awesome damage at your disposal, but with great capability comes great danger."

There's also talk of a new arena with prizes?
Crab alley will be extended and the Selena Gomez quest line may continue or so it seems.
Those updates sound awesome!  I'll try to keep you posted on what I hear about the new spells!
Happy Questing,
~Valerian Nightbringer

Monday, April 11, 2011

Arena Fun in Test Realm

So it's about time to post about the new strategies in arena.  I have some interesting observations from trying out the new amulets and will post about where to get various spells from.  You'll need to plan carefully and be ever so careful when trying to buy Gargantuan because the default is for the accuracy card to be selected.  This happened to me twice :(

Arena today was marked by a lot of fire wizards throwing critical Effreets. (spelling?)  That was pretty crazy.  I have yet to get matched against anyone other than Death or Fire both of which seem to be doing well out of the gate.  Fire wizards not really needing the double-school mod to make arena life firey.

I'll post more about PVP in the next couple days.  I have yet to hear back from Wizard101 on whether or not they have anything special in the works for our special celebration.

Happy test realm spelunking
~Valerian Nightbringer

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We'll pass 100,000 page views today!

If you see that magical number on the page counter at the right hand sidebar of the screen we've will have passed 100,000 page views!  That might just call for a celebration!  (My mind is already plotting devious means for celebrating such an amazing event)

- ideas welcome! -

Here's a video to promote Mount-a-palooza!  Check it out!



Between April 8 and the 17th Wizard101 is discounting their mounts.  This means you can buy many of the mounts for half off!  They've brought back some retired mounts and there are some new ones available.

AND there will be a new update that will let mounts run free in your home area too!  This is the extension of the idea that our first interviewed guest Megan had to let pets roam free in your house.

We appreciate it that Wizard101 has been responsive in listening to the things we've asked for over the months and years!  They are really spoiling us now!

This drawing does a good job of advertising the upcoming mounts deal and the opening of the test realm.  Thanks Ryan Nightblade!

Thanks Wizard101!

Valerian Nightbringer

Wizard101 Mount Contest Winners

I collected all the entries by form and by picture and by following.  This produced 3 lists containing the number of entries for new followers, picture entries and the biggest number of entries was in the form submissions at 1225!

I took the totals and put them into and generated 4 random numbers for pictures, and 5 numbers in new followers and 5 numbers in form entries.  The result is the following list:

Drumroll please!

New Follower Winners (Random)
Danny Soderburg

wiz101 conjurer
Miriam W.
Hailey Wineburg
Tatiana shadowflame
Form Entry Winners (Random)
Erin Winterhaven
Chelsea Wildglen
Tabitha Seaglen
Morgrim Trollfriend
Brooke Moonstone
Picture Winners (Random)
Joshua Dragontail  - small Merle Ambrose
Isaac DreamStaff - wizard duel
Amber Rosepetal - red girl - computer composition
Talon Thunderblade - Yugi-oh

Picture Winner (Overall best picture) -this was so incredibly hard to judge so I recruited help to vote-
Holly for the picture of her wizard and rat magician

The picture contest entries were very fun and I loved reviewing the entries each day.  I'll probably do it again so keep up the artistic work!

** I'll be sending the winners emails directly with a code and a link to redeem it so watch your email if you're one of the lucky ones **
For those that didn't win anything please keep entering our contests which come up fairly often.  Many times there are so few entries that you're almost guaranteed to win something.  This was a mega-contest so there was a lot bigger pool of entries.  Don't give up!  I won't be happy until all our fans are winning amazing stuff.  So keep coming back!
And most importantly, thanks for your drawing entries for the Japan benefit.  I'll tally up the drawings and make a donation and will post more about that shortly.  Does anyone out there want to join me in giving to the Japan quake relief cause?  If so let me know and I'll post about your contribution.  THANKS!
All you wizards make our sprial keep - well - keep on spiraling :D
Thanks all!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

An Amazing Update COMING!!!

The test realm is open briefly for a hugely anticipated update if you've been a Valerian's School reader! 

!!!!!Amulets are available that will allow you to use power !!!!!
!!!!!          pips on your secondary school spells                 !!!!!
          o           o oo
        o              o  oo
   O                      O
  O     ^          ^     O
 O      o          o      O
 O            v            O   WooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   O     \ ____ /     O
     O                  O

They are lowering the cost of second school training point buy back from Mr Lincoln in golem court.  Also you will find the amulet in the crown shop and you are encouraged to take it for a test spin in PVP.

See you in pvp on test realm!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enter if you haven't already - Contest wraps up on Friday

Check out the contest by my buddy Rogue Sorcerer at:

Also check out my other friend-list friend's contests: Friendly Necromancer's contest: and Fallon Shadowblade's at  See the wizard login page on the game for more links to mount contests etc.  And check out my buddy Eric's site: 
And Vanessa of Myth's contest:

If I've forgotten anyone I apologize!

I'll be wrapping up the Mounts contest for the chessnut horses on Friday so read the posts below and enter in one or more of the 3 different ways to win!!!

And don't forget to check out our artisitic/charitable entries in the post below.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Wizard101 Mount Contest Entries

The wait for these to load is worth it.  These are the entries for Saturday!
Our fans have incredible talent.  I'm sorry these don't have names attached to each but I have everyone's emails who've submitted.  Keep the amazingness coming and see our contest details below for the benefit for Japan and how to enter in additional ways.

Some of our readers asked how to follow the blog.  Scroll down about 1/4 of a the blog and on the right hand side-bar of the blog you'll see a little silver button that says "Follow" on it.  It's just above a little square of pictures of people that follow the blog.  (If you look for that you should find it!)

There are 3 ways to enter... you don't have to draw a picture but you can!  And the picture contest is part of our charitable effort for Japan.  Again, please see the contest details in the posts below for more information.