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Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to survive high level bosses in Wintertusk and Celestia

If you need to solo a boss you may want to try these things to help.

1) Pop in and out of the boss' lair to see what school it is.

2) Set up your hits in your main deck and clear your treasures

3) Go to the bazaar and buy 1 pip dispels for the boss' school (about 4) and put them in your treasure

4) Buy the highest protection shields you can get for the boss' school (about 6) and put them in treasure

5) Buy treasure tri-blades for your school, (if you haven't learned the tri-blade for your school from Nigel in Krockotopia... hurry and go learn it)

6) In your main deck, pack a couple shields for the boss' minion's school

7) Use the dispels only when the boss gets power pips or 6 + pips ready

8) Pack several heals

9) If you have a pet with spritely and or shields equip it!  I'd take a pet with spritely before a pet with shields.

10) Blade up as much as possible for your largest Damage-Over-Time spell.  For fire this is heck hound.  For Ice it's ice angel, Death - Death dragon... for Storm well... you generally won't need a DOT but you can use storm hound for fun.  Myth is pretty much set with puppy or Medusa.  And for Life it's pretty much Forest lord for the first pass and some well set up centaurs.

I'll try to post some specific guides for dealing with certain cheats.  For example some bosses cast Efreet on everyone and you can dispel that with inexpensive fire dispels even though the boss casting it is ice.  It may seem like cheating but why not take a little advantage for yourself against a boss that's cheating you?

Does anyone want to share their tips for beating their school-pet boss?

Enjoy surviving with creativity!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the Basics

Many of the skills that you learn in Dragonspyre are very applicable in Celestia and Wintertusk. Now you probably think I'm going to launch into boring stuff and you're right! It's boring but makes the game ever so much more fun if you're not dying every 5 minutes!
I'm just going to launch into some of the tips that I've talked about before but with Wintertusk in mind. Forgive me if the tips seem simple at first. (There is room for finesse)

1) Always check the type of bad guy you're going up against and ask for your friends to let you have a moment to adjust your cards. This helps in case you need to throw in some converts in order to turn your spell into a school that is most damaging to the enemy. It also gives you a chance to load shields that are best against the enemy.

2) Buy or get an extra deck from your bank if you only have one deck equipped.

3) Set one deck up for boss battles. (In Wintertusk these generally require heals and dispels and converts)

4) Set up one deck for normal quests.
My recommendation for a quest deck is 3 of your lowest level multi-hit spell, 1 hit-all damage-over-time spell 3 single blades and gargantuan in your treasure or gargantuan in your regular deck if you've learned it.
Quick hard hits from spells like gargantuan Blizzard and gargantuan Meteor are very effective. If each person in your party does the same you'll blaze through the bad guys in two turns.
If you are an Ice wizard... (can I just say here "I'm sorry!?") Ice wizards are just plain out of luck in Wintertusk. Even if you carry converts you'll generally die before you get to use them so you pretty much need to quest with a Fire, or Storm wizard.

Adapt or die
Some of those that can afford the extra cost can purchase the fire amulet for their ice wizard. However, you can't just go out and start throwing fire spells in a serious battle and expect to live unless you use the crafted fire/ice hat from the crafting guy in the Grotto in Celestia. That fire hat will give you enough accuracy and critical to make throwing fire spells worthwhile. You'll also notice something a little odd... your fire spells will fizzle less than your ice spells EVEN though you'll have 10% more ice accuracy AND despite your ice spells being 5% more accurate from the base card.

You may also find that you want to equip boots that give you an accuracy boost for all spells. While you lose a little on the tough-plus for spells you at least don't fizzle and die!

With my new setup I can finally solo Wintertusk with the odd exeption of some cheating bosses.

Share your experience with how you deal in Wintertusk and if you have any special spells!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Creative "Spelling"

I was talking to Cody Skyrider today and he showed me this cool video for AQ worlds. 
We got to tossing around some ideas and the result was some creative spell alternatives. (aka: creative SPELLing :)

New spell ideas for Wizard 101's dueling arena.

Duplicate:  Make a copy of your opponent who then becomes a minion on your side.
Switch Lives: Turn yourself into your opponent (health, deck, gear and all) and them into you.
Polymorph into opponent: Turn yourself into a copy of them and beat them at their own game?

Reflect:  Make the spell bounce back on a single or all opponents if multi-hit.  (similar to beguile but without immunity for the caster)
Convert Hit to Heal: Make the opponents hit heal rather than hurt
Half-and-Half: Make opponents spell do half damage to them and half to you
Convert to X School:  Convert your spell to any school you chose for a price of skipping your turn next round

  Reverse Dome:  make the first turn team the second turn team
  Double Hit: make all single hit spells hit twice
  DOT Dome: the dome increases damage over time spells
  Drain Health Dome: the dome itself damages opponents over time as well as reducing heals
  Minus Hit Dome:  the dome is a 25% damage minus to all
  Minus Accuracy: the dome reduces accuracy to all

Death Curse:  a killing blow to you deals instant defeat to your opponent if you have this special glow.

Anyway.  If this gets your creative juices flowing be sure to leave a comment  with your ideas! 

See you on the game!
Valerian Nightbringer

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A hard-won crafting victory

I finally crafted my Wizard101 fire/ice hat!  It's a perfect match for the fire amulet on my ice wizard.  It took a great deal of pain and suffering to create but I finally finally bought, collected, transmuted and card crafted my way to the hat of hats!

I have equal critical now for both ice and fire and also equal accuracy plus.  The main downside being that I have to give up 12% shields!!!! The other downside being that my ice has horrible accuracy in actual battle.  His accuracy stats are acceptable but he fizzles quite often.  I was questing with a storm and death the other day and was embarrassed because they were continually hitting without a single fizzle.  I had 3 fizzles in a row followed by two more in the instance.  In the end I didn't kill a single thing.  (sigh)   Maybe I'll have more luck with fire.  I may end up snipering most of my spells and carry hits in my treasure cards and lots of triblades XD

I'll do some testing and let you know how it is!
Anyone find any good combos for second schools?  I'd particularly like to hear if anyone has done death/balance and how it works in pvp.
See you in PVP soon.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The July Holidays!

We Just had Canada day and are about to have the grand-daddy of firework-y celebrations Independence Day! (4th of July)  Our state finally lifted restrictions on the big aerial fireworks meaning that we can shoot the small-medium cannon type fireworks. woot!!!!

We just set off a few that are epic.

For those Canadians I want to wish you a slightly belated Canada day.  We did note it and wore our Canada tshirts.  We love the US of A, and enjoy having citizenship here and Canada. We have gone to a million parades it seems where Logan Thundergem and Cody Skyrider showed off their amazing karate skills.   Cody Skyrider will be in another massive parade on the 4th with the karate demo team and we'll be going to some wizard-worthy fireworks at a local park on the 4th and will dig into a massive 14 inch Costco apple pie a friend gave us.

We'll have to make up some good Wizard101 friend time on the 3rd and the 5th to compensate for being computer-less on a fun filled day of parades and fireworks.  We sure love our wiz friends and wish them a wonderful 4th!

Happy 4th everyone!
"Stand fast in Liberty" ~ Valerian