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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Khryket locations in Wizard101 Khrysalis part 2 (Khryket Khrykhet Cricket or?)

Crescent Beach: in the skull rock cave over by the barrels... don't forget to pick up the skeleton pirate chess player :)

In Kondha Desert Duran Dunefather's neighborhood... check the green arrow location on the right hand side of the map.

In the Hive it's in the little cave off the back wall of the BLACK HOLE of doom.

In Fort Rachias (if you squint hard you can see the location arrow just to the top right of the center tower)

In the last wood it's near Pepper Grass Nook just inside of Mr GentleWind's house under the tools. (see below)

 The Bastion Khryket is in the throne room after your first battle as you continue on you should see it standing by the door. (picture below)

 In Silent Market there he's hanging out near the bench inside VanekWarscream's place. (note the map position of the green arrow in the image below)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wizard 101's 6th Birthday!

My twins and Wizard101 just had their birthday! I've been eating cake and ice cream and celebrating and leveling up! It seems appropriate that the boys share a birthday with Wizard since they were the ones that got me into playing it in the first place.

So join the month long party!

Not only are there crazy good deals on birthday themed items and new fish to catch!

What are you doing? Log in to Wizard and start celebrating!

See you there!