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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pet Training Double Points and New Pet Level

So rumor has it that pets will get a boost to a new level. This is pretty cool considering that my pets have some killer abilities.  Of course the new level will probably take a million years to get to but I'm kinda OK with that.  My main problem now is that I have so many awesome mixes that I don't really know which is my favorite.

Also awesome... probably in anticipation of this new pet level, members are getting double the pet training and pet snack bonuses. So if you want to bump your pet a couple levels with some mega snacks now is the time to get training!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wizard101 Fishing Tournament June 18th!

June 18th is "National Go Fishing Day" but that's not the exciting part!  What's exciting is that Wizard101 is having a fishing contest!

Get your gear ready and if you're off school jump into the water from 9:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

Your goal is to catch the new "Basking in the Sun" shark as many times as you can. For every "Basking" shark you catch you'll get an entry into a drawing for either 60,000 crowns or one of several possible 10,000 crown prizes.

So get out there and catch some fish!

But remember... the Dekos and Cudas won't do... you need the summer fish to get entered into the contest!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Terror's Hoard Pack

The new Darkmoor-themed card pack gives some cool new gear and decorations as well as cards and gems. Here are a few shots of the packs that I opened recently.

I didn't manage to get a pet or a mount but I found a few really cool things...

Some cool paintings and gear for the house.

A bunch of new housing decorations and a pair of boots for a different school. 

A gem and of course books are appreciated for the house. Also mote's are hard to find so keep these for crafting.

And more castle decorations.

And more ...

And more

And more

I got really excited thinking the Diamond was a gem but it's a crafting ingredient. 
More housing items AND a robe! Yay!

And shoes! Yay!

On the right you can see the stats of the coat. It looks like you might be able to build a set of gear that work actually help with cross-school spell casting.  Like if you're using a second school amulet! That would be way cool to be able to cast a strong second-school spell.

As you can see the boots also help with cross-school spell casting.  Nice!
That's pretty awesome.  I'll throw on a storm amulet and get dressed for battle and see what happens!

So. I'm assuming that the gear may not be exactly fit for PVP in the high ranks but I bet it's pretty fun to quest with a second school set up and a few good treasure cards!

Let me know what you think of the new Terror Hoard pack and if you've found anything really awesome in it!

See you around the spiral!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Aztecan Builder's Bundle

There's an awesome new bundle called the Azteca Builder's Bundle and here's the first half of a sneak peek at it.

Check out this awesome wand!  May cast Blinding Light!  If you're a Death wizard and you're fizzling on your spells all the time this wand is a must-have.

If you want a peek at the other wand options see the details at the bottom of the post.

As for the Toucan't pet... this is a Fire wizard's dream. It has Fire Dealer and a friend's Toucan't got Infallible which is helpful to a Fire.

 Now for a peek at the castle...

 This isn't an ordinary castle, it's a builder's castle so you can use the housing controls to move pieces and reconfigure your castle any way you want.

 Here's builders view of the roof if you zoom out so you can imagine how you can build it up.

What castle would be complete without a secret door?

Here's a view of the spiral door at the home.

There are the neighbors... good thing they're quiet!

Now things are getting interesting... a waterfall

That leads to...the inside of the island and...

your bank and...

a whole other pyramid builder house.

Taking a stroll on the roof.

A fountain that is a tribute to the schools.

And that's not all!!!  There's clothing that comes with the bundle and a mount that seems to be just in time for Jurassic Park (I'm guessing that's a coincidence)

Check out this bundle and if you're like me, it's one of my favorites so far.


Wand detail...
level 10 wand 4% accuracy 110 block 3% stun block +1 power pip - level 90+ only
level 9 wand 4% accuracy 90 block 3% stun block +1 power pip - level 80+ only
level 8 wand 4% accuracy 70 block 3% stun block +1 power pip - level 70+ only
level 7 wand 3% accuracy 50 block 3% stun block +1 power pip - level 60+ only
level 6 wand 3% accuracy 30 block 3% stun block +1 power pip
level 5 wand 3% accuracy 2% stun block +1 power pip
level 4 wand 2% accuracy 2% stun block +1 power pip
level 3 wand 2% accuracy 1% stun block +1 pip
level 2 wand 1% accuracy 1% stun block +1 pip
level 1 wand 1% accuracy 1% stun block